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Blazing Tool, Perfect KeyLogger

Keyloggers , I think bloggers do not already familiar with this one hacking tool. Blazing Tools Perfect Keylogger v1.7.5.0 is a hacking program that works to record keyboard typed, all computer activity in the media in the form of text or image (screenshot). On average this program will be a stealth mode so that computer users can not recognize whether it's a computer fitted with a keylogger or not. Next thing you know all the data he had ever known to enter into the computer by another person who was none other than the installer program : D . Keylogger program this time includes the type of keylogger perfect keylogger which means pretty perfect to use because it has a variety of features that are not shared by other keylogger program. feature which is owned Blazing Tools Perfect Keylogger v1.7.5.0:
Download here

- Can be absolutely invisible, including invisibility for firewall
- Visual surveillance (screenshots)
- Captures screen information on every mouse click
- Logs texts typed in every application
- Captures of the passwords behind the asterisks
- Captures of the button clicks
- Websites logging feature
- AOL / ICQ / AIM / Yahoo chat logging
- Online activity filtering
- Advanced keyword detection and notification
- Clipboard logging
- Sending log and screenshots by e-mail in the hidden mode
- Stealth uploading logs by FTP
- Remote installation / update / uninstall
- Log files can be encrypted and protected with a password
- Monitoring all users of the PC, even if you do not know the password
- Easy log viewing and management
- Export log to HTML format
- Possibility to specify target applications
- Supports all Windows versions, including Windows XP
- Very easy to use
and most importantly, able to record the activities of another person's computer remotely, usually installed in the same cafe-cafe neh nosy person, by means of delivery via email. Thus, all the activities of another person's computer will be emailed to you. Of course, both parties must both using an internet connection : D . trick:
1. The Perfect Keylogger Install the program on the target computer, and if you can possibly result dihidden seminimalis you uninstall the program. (Safe search goal : D )
2. If you have installed and tersetting well, right click on the desktop icon bottom right keylogger.>
3. Then click on the option, and you will see several options, select the E-Mail.
4. There will be 2 content, and delivery scheduler.
5. In the scheduler, check the box on "Try to send the logs by email every"
6. And on Delivery option, in the "send to" enter your email address to receive the email from the target computer.
7. For the SMTP server, SMTP input from your email provider. IMPORTANT! to enable SMTP, must diaktifin course of its first e-mail account you own. And I recommend using yahoo alone, with frills email account behind , do not wear that. com!! Example: for users provider Yahoo, servers usually " " 
​​8. Let numbernya fixed port 25.
9. User name and password input. User name and password you obtained when you activate SMTP on yahoo.
10. Authentication Method select AUTH LOGIN.
11. Click ok, and click send her to try.

Installation steps are as follows:
- Download the first program Blazing Tools Perfect Keylogger v1.7.5.0 Full Version is available via the link below.
- Install programs such as installing an application as usual (I'm sure you would have been able to).
- Finish installed simply right-click the tray icon program The windows in the taskbar and select Options (see figure).
- Do some settings according to your taste, the following settings that I apply to this program.
- You can check the "Run On Windows Start Up" (keylogger switches itself on when the new computer is on the run).
- You can check the "Hide the program from Ctrl + Alt + Del" (keylogger will be hidden from the task manager).
- For comfort and security, I suggest to replace its hotkey. (in use for menghiden / show icon keylogger).
- Once again, right-click the tray icon of the program in the windows taskbar and select Hide Icon Program (useful to hide the program from other users).
- To see the results of these programs please press the button combination that gives a chance earlier, in the example above using the key combination Shift + K or left click on the tray icon of the program, so the appearance will look like in the picture below.
Note: Before you install a keylogger, please disable your Antivirus first. Software is BlazingTools Perfect Keylogger v1.7.5.0 I've tested and runs well. N Worked 100% Tested By Me. This software is not in any use to steal your email and password s'seorang. This is just to share of how to use Keyloggers : D .
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