Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Earn Money with Yahoo! Bing Network Contextual Ads Program

Who doesn’t want their business to flourish? In a competitive world, which is marked by cut-throat competition everyone chooses to adapt the best methods for their business in order to increase their productivity. A business, to be successful requires immense, popular, modern methods of marketing and advertising so that it reaches millions of people. Nowadays the best advertising methods are online, especially for international business as the company can touch millions of virtual users and future clients. And what better way to maximize your company’s review than to collaborate with one of the world’s largest marketplaces for keyword –target advertisers??
Yes, join Yahoo! Bing Network which now provides a Contextual Ads Program which can help in increasing your company’s revenue manifold times! The Yahoo! The network has an enormous advertiser base with loads of odd topics and also sponsored ads which come from various large, small and local firms. There are only high quality ads, which mean more competition and more revenue for you!
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Why Yahoo?1. Generates Decent revenue with minimal effortsOnce you get an account on Yahoo Contextual ads it is a lot easier than you think to start earning. You can select your preferred size and paste the HTML code you get on your website to start displaying ads.

2. Publishers with premium content only!
We only deal with publishers with premium content on their website so you don’t have to worry about the response you get on your ads.

3. Enhanced user experience
We give a enhanced user experience by giving users the complete control over the ads, they may display in whatever manner they want to so that it goes right with the website.
4. How to sign up?Yahoo ad network in not open to all as of now so you have to request an invite to be a part of it. This is how you go about it:
1. Go to yahoo contextual ad network’s website:
2. Click on “Request Invite” button on the top right corner.
3. Fill out all the details carefully. Your Name, E-mail Address, Phone No. and the most important thing,Site URL.
4. Secondly,You will have to fill out some more details like address and ZIP code.
5. When you fill out the form. Hit continue. Possibly you will get a reply in 1-2 weeks.  So now you may wait and watch!
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