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jQuery Background Slideshow for Blogger

jQuery Background Slideshow for Blogger
In the previous post we saw how to add different background to the different specific page or post of blogger and now we are going to show another trick of jQuery to create a background slideshow for blogger. all things will be done through a simple and super jQuery code, called “BackStretch” which allows us to create a slideshow of images as a blog wallpaper. and don’t worry about the property of adjusting to the height and width of the screen, it will be done without losing it.

One of the best advantage of this slide is that images will be automatically resized with the size of the monitor, so no need to worry about the resolution too. it should be work great and look? awesome…
After using that jQuery, your blog’s background images will be change automatically as slider with fade effect between each transition.
To add this slideshow to your blog, go to blogger dashboard > Template > Edit HTML and search for the
 tag and place the following code after it.
<script src='' type='text/javascript'/>
* jQuery Backstretch
* Version 1.2.8
* Add a dynamically-resized background image to the page
* Copyright (c) 2012 Scott Robbin (
* Licensed under the MIT license
;(function(a){a.backstretch=function(p,b,l){function s(){if(p){var b;0==c.length?c=a("
).attr("id","backstretch").css({left:0,top:0,position:m?"fixed":"absolute",overflow:"hidden",zIndex:-999999,margin:0,padding:0,height:"100%",width:"100%"}):c.find("img").addClass("deleteable");b=a("").css({position:"absolute",display:"none",margin:0,padding:0,border:"none",zIndex:-999999,maxWidth:"none"}).bind("load",function(d){var b=a(this),e;b.css({width:"auto",height:"auto"});e=this.width||a(;d=this.height||a(;n=e/d;q();b.fadeIn(g.speed,function(){c.find(".deleteable").remove();"function"==typeof l&&l()})}).appendTo(c);0==a("body #backstretch").length&&(0===a(window).scrollTop()&&window.scrollTo(0,0),a("body").append(c));"settings",g);b.attr("src",p);a(window).unbind("resize.backstretch").bind("resize.backstretch",function(){"onorientationchange"in window&&window.pageYOffset===0&&window.scrollTo(0,1);q()})}}function q(){try{j={left:0,top:0},rootWidth=h=o.width(),rootHeight=r?window.innerHeight:o.height(),f=h/n,f>=rootHeight?(k=(f-rootHeight)/2,g.centeredY&&("-"+k+"px")):(f=rootHeight,h=f*n,k=(h-rootWidth)/2,g.centeredX&&(j.left="-"+k+"px")),c.css({width:rootWidth,height:rootHeight}).find("img:not(.deleteable)").css({width:h,height:f}).css(j)}catch(a){}}var t={centeredX:!0,centeredY:!0,speed:0},c=a("#backstretch"),"settings")||t;"settings");var o,m,r,n,h,f,k,j;b&&"object"==typeof b&&a.extend(g,b);b&&"function"==typeof b&&(l=b);a(document).ready(function(){var b=window,d=navigator.userAgent,c=navigator.platform,e=d.match(/AppleWebKit\/([0-9]+)/),e=!!e&&e[1],f=d.match(/Fennec\/([0-9]+)/),f=!!f&&f[1],g=d.match(/Opera Mobi\/([0-9]+)/),h=!!g&&g[1],i=d.match(/MSIE ([0-9]+)/),i=!!i&&i[1];o=(m=!((-1<c.indexOf("iPhone")||-1<c.indexOf("iPad")||-1<c.indexOf("iPod"))&&e&&534>e||b.operamini&&"[object OperaMini]"==={}||g&&7458>h||-1<d.indexOf("Android")&&e&&533>e||f&&6>f||"palmGetResource"in window&&e&&534>e||-1<d.indexOf("MeeGo")&&-1<d.indexOf("NokiaBrowser/8.5.0")||i&&6>=i))?a(window):a(document);r=m&&window.innerHeight;s()});return this}})(jQuery); //]]> </script> <script> //<![CDATA[ var images = [ "Image URL", "Image URL", "Image URL", "Image URL", "Image URL", ]; $(images).each(function(){ $('')[0].src = this; }); var index = 0; $.backstretch(images[index], {speed: 1000}); var slideshow = setInterval(function() { index = (index >= images.length - 1) ? 0 : index + 1; $.backstretch(images[index]); }, 5000); //]]> </script>
Replace “Image URL” with URL of the images which will be your blog’s background. if you would like to add more images for your blog’s background you can do it by adding another lines after var images = [ like this :
"Image URL",
As you can see the number 5000 at end of the script actually it is duration of each image that you can also change and set according to your wish.
Enjoy !
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