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9 Easiest Ways To Earn Money From A Website

I usually get a lot of mails from people asking how they can make money through their websites. Actually making money online is a long process but it works.
Most of the people may be already aware of these things but those who are new to this field, this post will help them a lot.
I am writing some easiest ways to monetize your website, depending upon your niche so you can always select the best method to earn money online.
Meanwhile a few suggestions are also provided here to guide you the process step by step.
9 Easiest Ways To Earn Money From A Website
For earning good money online, you need a good website, right?
Your website should looks professional, up-to-date, interactive, convincing to the audience.
For that, you can choose the suitable theme template to launch a perfect website of your desire niche.
Now let’s check out the ways to start making money -

1. Affiliate Program: Sell Others Product and Get Commission

In simple words, promoting products developed by others and get up to 50% commission on every sale.
To start with an affiliate program, one thing that always came across your mind is how you should choose a better affiliate program??
If you ask me, I would suggest you to choose an affiliate program according to the kind of audience visits your website rather than go for an random affiliate program based on the payment scheme or the offers they provide.
Suppose if you are running a WordPress website and the most frequent visitors of your site are related to WordPress Themes, than you can target them by joining our InkThemes Affiliate program.
All you need to do is sign up to become an affiliate and start earning 20% commissions for every Theme sale you bring to us.
It will definitely benefits you to generate more revenue.
If you want to create a affiliate website  you need to choose a design that have convincing look and a clear call to action button, where users can easily click on that button that bring sales. You can also check for Rethink affiliate WordPress theme.
I have also listed some popular Affiliate network where you can join the affiliate program.

2. Add Google Advertisement:

Putting ads on your website and earning on the basis of cost per click or cost per 1000 impressions is the best approach ever.
Google AdSense is the most popular example under this category. With AdSense, you can show the relevant and engaging ads generated by Google on your webpage.
Even it allow you to customize the look and feel of ads to match your website.
So you earn money every time a site visitor clicks on one of the AdWords ads on your site.
Best of all, Google AdSense is free to join. Google does all the work of finding relevant ads for your site, you just collect the payments.
Though there are other Google adsense alternatives to earn money through website to get more profit.
If you want to place ads in your website then you must have a design which gives you ample space to show ads.

3. Do Paid Blogging

Nowadays, there are many websites or companies that are promoting their products and services through review blogging.
The companies usually pay those websites or bloggers who write reviews for promoting their products and services.
So you can also start writing such blogs for product review and post it on your website to earn good money.
If you are new in paid blogging, do some research and see which companies in your niche will be receptive to giving out product for review purposes.
Just like, FormGet, a powerful online form builder, allow different websites to write reviews to promote its services and product features. You can check out some of its reviews –
So that future readers will find various FormGet reviews in the search engine results that help them to make decision whether to avail its premium service or not.
FormGet reviews
But make sure, as a blogger, you should provide valuable review to your readers so that people can get benefit from it.

4. Create Membership Site & Sell Premium Content

You own product ? Yes, then you can sell it.
As we develop premium WordPress themes, that our users will love to buy it. So you can also create some products that people can buy.
If you don’t want to develop something like that, then don’t worry you can make quality content as your product.
There are a lot of people who will buy your content because they need it either to teach someone else or to learn themselves.
The best way you can do is to create a good  35+ page book that teach users about some valuable topic, turn it into a e-book or PDF file and then start selling it.
Put some content on your eBook for free to read, if users will like your eBook then they will definitely signup for a premium account.
Later on you can hire others having good knowledge on any other topic and create more content for further selling.
You can also set up a membership site from where users can purchase your premium content from your site.
You can put up all the contents and tutorials for your Premium members, so that they will get benefit from it.
You can post videos for premium members so that they love your site.

5. Present Your Services Precisely

Whether you are a associated with a web designing, travelling, photography, laundry or any other online services.
You have to make a “services” page on your website, that precisely explained about the benefits of services you offer.
Properly figure out what problems your service will solve if a person avail it.
You can allow your customers to leave reviews on your services so that it helps future customers to make purchasing decisions.
Make easier for your customers to buy or reserve your service by adding a clear call to action button on your website.
For Example : You can see the service page of Laundry Locker website, where every service listed followed by short description, proper call to action button under the sidebar panel, so that user can easily place an order to avail it.
service page

6. Selling Your Website :

Selling your website will generate good revenue for you.
If you own a multiple websites and find difficulty to manage it then you can easily sell it in an open market.
And if your website is old and has something unique about it then you can get a good price by selling it.
Before preparing to sell, you should prepare at least these figures:
Your website traffic statistics including unique visitors, page views, growth rates over time, which countries they are from, how much traffic comes from search engines and direct bookmarks, which keywords your site is popular for and the page rank of your site.
You need a good sales spiel email letter introducing your website and you, your site’s history, why you want to sell your site, what your site offers to the new owner and some other important factors. is a great platform for webmasters to sell website and it allows other people to bid and buy those websites.

7. Email Marketing:

Building a perfect email list will get you a lot of money.
If you have a huge email list then you will be able to drive traffic to your website which makes you money through other methods.
You can send emails to listed email ids to let them know about your latest product and services.
The main advantage of email marketing is that you are able to deliver your services and products directly in the inbox of your customer.
The best way to create an email list is to set up a signup form at your blog and send free reports to inbox of peoples so that you get more signups.
You need to register an Aweber account and start getting email id’s of people by adding an option in your page to subscribe for your blog updates.

8. Setup Job Boards:

It’s another great method to monetize your website.
You need to setup a job forum where other people will post new jobs and you can charge people money for posting jobs.
If your site is in WordPress then you can use WP Job Manager plugin to setup a job board for your readers. WP Job Manager is a lightweight plugin for adding job board functionality to your site.


If you want to earn money from your website then you should know clearly that it depends upon how big your site is?
What is your niche? Work hard on your site, give your efforts and time, building it and make it search engine friendly.
These all things will assure that you will make good money with your website.
Hope this post will help you to boost your income. Let me know how it helped you. :)
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