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#How do I put ads on my blog or site

aving a blog or website is a great thing as you can freely voice your opinions and thoughts. But how about #earning some money by displaying some advertisements on your blog? Let us talk about the same in this blog post (Also read one of the previous posts on #Different ways of making money). Again, my knowledgeable readers may please excuse as I am with beginners here in this series.

How do I put ads on my blog or site

#What are online ads?

Online advertisements are a piece of marketing or commercial information that appears on a web page. It can be in the form of a simple text link, an image (animated or otherwise) link, a pop-up/pop-under, an audio clip, video clip etc. Clicking an ad redirects the user to a website which stands for a commercial purpose.

#Publisher, Advertiser, Ad Network…

‘publisher’ is a person who owns a web page, site or blog on which (s)he allows ads to be displayed. An ‘advertiser’ is the entity whose ads appear on that page. The ‘ad network’ is the intermediate person who has linked pacts with both publishers and advertisers and facilitate the creation, feeding, monitoring and payments of ads. Basically ad networks manage both advertisers and publishers. Advertisers pay ad networks for displaying their ads, ad networks use their publisher network to display these ads and pays publishers part of the money that they got from advertisers. This triangular love story works great for all involved parties!

So,# How to post adv on my blog?

It is so easy! The following are the steps involved in almost all cases:-
1. Sign up with an ad network as a ‘Publisher’: Signing up as publisher is a FREE thing with all networks. Provide your details such as email, address and payment mechanism (check, PayPal, wire transfer etc)
2. Once your account is approved you can log on to the network site and design your ads for its look, feel, size, content etc.
3. Once the ads are designed the network site will provide you a piece of code or script. All that you need to do is to copy and paste it onto your web pages or blog. In a few minutes time, ads start appearing.
4. Keep monitoring the account once in a while to track your earnings.

#Ads on blogs

Displaying ads on your blogs is a relatively easier thing than displaying them on webpages managed by you. Most of the blogging sites provide plugins or widgets that can display google adsense service. Other ad services can be pasted on to widgets or script boxes.
The following are some of the popular ad-networks. We will provide detail reviews on each of them and a lot more in our ‘D$ Reviews’ section.

#Compensation methods

There are a number of ways in which the ad network calculates how much to pay the publisher or how much to charge the advertisers. 
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