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Facebook Auto Liker 1000% Working

#Facebook Auto Likes
Facebook is a community website which connects people to the world in which people have their friends, family members co-worker and many other peoples in their accounts
Everyone on facebook shares their pictures, photos and status etc to share their activity feeds and their daily Expressions.
Auto liker-Get Likes on your dps
Everyone Who shares their pics and status want that people should like their status and pictures which they post. But there is no one who likes or comments on their pics and statuses, But they Also Desires to get likes on their status and photos
So i am here to teach them a simple trick to get likes for their activity feeds
So Now Lets Start!
First of all we Need Log In Our Facebook Account
2. We have to open a new tab and Browse  Or
Which Will Look Like This
 Auto liker-Get Likes on your dps

There is a Link below Click Here
 Auto liker-Get Likes on your dps

Click On Click Here and There Will be a New Tab of ad(Link Shrink) wait 5 seconds and then Press Continue.
After Pressing Continue there will be a new tab, after scrolling down Which Will Look Like This
Auto liker-Get Likes on your dps
There are Two Options
First Click on Step First Click Here To Allow Permission
It will permission you for access, let that access and after accessing it will bring you back to this page
Then Next
Click Here To Get Token
Then There will be again a new tab
let it be open and after accessing a text page will b open.
we have to copy above url which is very long chain of code
Which is our token
Just copy that token and paste it here
Auto liker-Get Likes on your dps

After logging in it will bring you to a new page, After scrolling which will look like this
Auto liker-Get Likes on your dps
If you want to get like on status simply update your status on facebook and let it to be seen in public and after that it will appear here and simply click on your status and press get likes
If you wants to get Likes on Your Photos Then
Click on Use Liker
After that click on photo
after that select your album (profile,mobile,timeline,cover etc)
then select your photo and press get like
after that check your photo which you selected
there will be 200 to 300 likes on photo
you can repeat this process again and again to get more likes

I Hope You Will Enjoy This Article
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