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Auto Publish Your Blog Posts To 5 Social Networks at a Time

Auto Publish Your Blog Posts To 5 Social Networks at a Time
Blogger always busy to write article repetitively for their readers. As a result they got very little time to posts their article on various social networks. Because they have to do it manually. I have just brought a little trick to share your blog post in 5 social networking site at a time with the help of 2 most popular sites. I think many blogger already knows about these two sites.
  • RSS Graffiti
And by those you would be able to make auto posts to 5 social sharing networks at a time. However, I am going to explain step by step about how to use both site to make auto posts.

RSS Graffiti

RSS Graffiti generally very well-known that can be used for auto posting to Facebook Profile and Fan Page. Actually it use your blog feed to make posts to Facebook. Currently it is providing it Beta service 2.0 where newly introduces auto twitter posts. So you have to go through the below steps to activate RSS Graffiti for auto posting on Facebook and Twitter. 

Step 1: Sign in your Facebook Fan page or profile

Step 2: Now go to this link

Step 3: Click on Add New Publishing Plan

Step 4: Give name to (e.g. tips4tricx Auto Publish) and click on New Publishing Plan

Step 5: From the Sources tab Click Add New and write your RSS Feed name and click on Add Source


Step 6: Now Select Feed Title from Popup window and hit the save button

Step 7: From the Target tab Click Add New and Select Facebook Page name and hit the save button.

Step 8: Now simply click on Arrow between Source and Target to make in On.

Step 9: For activating auto posting to Twitter just go to link and activate. 

social media

This is another popular auto posting service where you can make auto posts by following some easy steps. And fortunately it will allow you to make auto posts in 3 social media sites out of 9 at a time. Social Media site included-

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Google Plus
  • Tumblr
  • Delicious
  • linkedin
  • to feed

You have to register first and activate the account by click through verification link. Let’s explain how to activate the First go to

Step 1: Write your email address and password. And hit the Signup button

Step 2: Under Add Your Feed put your feed address


Step 3: Now from Choose your destination select linkedin and add Id, Password and click on Allow access

Step 4: It will redirect to you another page where you will get Source and Destination

Step 5: From Destination click on add source and select any Social network according to your desire.

Remember you can select no more than 3 Social network to make auto posts.  


My suggestion to best use of those 2 sites first choose RSS Graffiti to make auto posts on Facebook and twitter. And secondly use and choose any 3 except Facebook and twitter. So this means you can make auto post on 5 social sharing network at a time.
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