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Important Things Which Need For Blogging

Important Things Which Need For Blogging
Complete Guide to Blogging, a 100% free course on everything you could possibly need to know about blogging and setting up your first WordPress driven web site. This guide is currently broken up in nine different chapters and a new sub-chapter goes live every day on the blog. If you click on a sub chapter below that is not working, it probably wasn’t published yet. Please check back often as we update daily.
Chapter 1:
  • Why Blogging is the Future of Branding
  • How You Can Benefit from Having Your Own Blog
  • The Power of Blogging and Where It’s Headed
Chapter 2:
  • Finding the Right Niche for Your Blog
  • Selecting a Great Domain Name
  • Finding a Quality Blog Hosting Service
Chapter 3:
  • Have Your Blog Up and Running in Minutes
  • Creating Your First Blog Posts and Pages
  • Adding Images, Links and Categories to Your Blog
  • Customizing Layout and WordPress Options
  • Connecting Your Blog Using Social Media and Email
  • What Are You Going to Blog About?
Chapter 4:
  • What are WordPress Plugins and How Do They Work?
  • Top 10 Free WordPress Plugins
  • Best Plugins for Social Media Exposure
Chapter 5:
  • What Type of Blog Theme Do You Need
  • Premium WordPress Themes vs. Free Themes
  • Examples of Custom WordPress Themes
Chapter 6:
  • Write for Your Readers, Not for Search Engines
  • Building a Social Networking Presence
  • Creating a Facebook Fan Page & Twitter Account
  • Create a Mailing List for Your Blog
  • Link Building and Search Engine Traffic
  • How to Quickly Get Your Blog Indexed in Google
Chapter 7:
  • Google Adsense for Blogs
  • Enter the World of Affiliate Marketing
  • Creating Your Own Product
Chapter 8:
  • Outsource Your Blog Writing
  • Hiring a Virtual Assistant
  • Building a Team Around Your Blog
  • Automate Your Blogging Tasks and Posts
Chapter 9:
  • Adding a Forum to Your Blog
  • Building a Product or Service Off Your Blog
  • Rinse and Repeat the Process
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