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Know About Google Page Rank

Google Page Rank
Finally, Google Page Rank (PR) updates today, December 6, 2013, this is unexpected for most of us bloggers. All of us have been waiting for this in 8 months due time. The last update was on February 4, 2013 and Google leaves "no comment" on why there was no succeeding PageRank updates.

As the news have spread all throughout the net and there are reactions from different bloggers depending on the effect of the said update to their sites. I also have my own experience with Google PageRank updates and you could read that below this the article.

You will be the one to know if this is favorable to me or not. Anyways, the result of PageRank update depends on the efforts of every blogger in making their sites rank well. 

For those who have increased in ranking, congratulations. And to those who have decreased, well, work out more and better luck next time. This article will give you a quick analysis of what happened to my blog after the PageRank update. I hope you will also learn from this analysis and apply this to your blog as well for you to know if you gained or lose.

As the news go around  telling us that no PageRank Update will be done this year...

@NielsBoschh asked Matt Cutts, Google's head of search spam, if there would be a PageRank update before 2014 and Matt Cutts said "I would be surprised if that happened."

But... When I checked my sites, one of them got a PR, so I tried to check all my other sites and I confirmed that PR was Updated.. It was confirmed by all of my blogger friends who were waiting for this update too..

I am excited to see if this blog got a PR for alteast PR1, but unfortunately I haven't got any PR this time,tips4tricx.blogspot.com just got PR0 wherein its the 2nd steps from PR N/A and still hoping to get PR for the next checking for the year 2014. For all of us Bloggers, don't be dismayed with the update because there is still hope to get for the next checking/update of PR. Continue creating quality backlinks and produce more quality contents. Domain Authority is the advertisers' and publishers' basis for the past 8 month and somewhat disregarded the PR of a site, but this time surely PR is one of their requirements to be part of their advertising programs. Good luck Everyone...

What is PageRank?

PageRank is an algorithm used by the Google web search engine to rank websites in their search engine results. PageRank was named after Larry Page, one of the founders of Google. PageRank is a way of measuring the importance of website pages

What is Toolbar PR?

Toolbar Pagerank is a ‘simplification of REAL PAGERANK – which is a complex algorithm – and ONE of the ways Google works under-the-hood. On it’s own – Pagerank is NOT the be and end all of ranking high in Google. Likewise – just because a page has a Toolbar grey in the toolbar does not mean a page has no real Pagerank – it can mean that of course, but it can mean other things.

If you want to check your Site PR you may try to use the PR checkers listed below

History of Google Page Rank Updates

  • 6 December 2013 (Confirmed)
  • 4 February 2013
  • 7 November 2012
  • 2 August 2012
  • 2 May 2012
  • 7 February 2012
  • 7 November 2011
  • 1st Week August 2011
  • JULY 2011
  • JUNE 2011
  • JANUARY 2011
  • April 2010
  • Dec 31, 2009
  • 30 October 2009
  • 27/28 May 2009
  • June 2009
  • 1 / 2 April 2009
  • 30-31 December 2008
  • 27 September 2008
  • 26 July 2008
  • 29 April 2008
  • 9 January 2008
  • 26 October 2007
  • 28 April 2007

Is Google Pagerank pointless?

Certainly PageRank is not Pointless, there are indications that Google still uses Pagerank even today to choose a reputable source for a piece of duplicate content found on multiple sites out there, for example; websites with no Pagerank at all can often be signs of spammy sites or dead site which is useful when investigating backlinks to a website. Backlinks from a website with Pagerank still big deal for website reputations.

If you have further quires or you want to share your opinion about PageRank just post a comment below.
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