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#Know What Are Internal and External Links

Know What Are Internal and External Links
A good understanding of external and internal links will lead you to maximizing the potential of your blog to achieve the goals you have set for it. Your blog will not generate links without your manipulation. And it takes a good manipulation and linking in order for this to soar higher in #blogosphere.

This is so important. And as I discuss to you this topic, you should bear in mind the difference between the two so that you will not always generalize links as “links” only but you will recognize that there are two types and they are as follows:

#Internal links

To better understand an internal link, you have to take note of the preface “In” which means inside. With this, it shows that internal links refers to links inside the blog page itself or within the boundary of the blog. Examples of internal links are hyperlinked text on a certain article that will lead to another article from the blog. It could also be a link in the homepage that will lead to a page or article of the blog when clicked. In other words, clicking a particular link will not let the reader land outside the boundary of the blog.
Know What Are Internal and External LinksInternal links are important because there are instances when your reader is hungry for more of your articles and you would like to make it easier for him to go to a certain related article. With this, you will make use of a certain word or phrase from the article and put a hyperlink on it so that the reader can easily go to the desired destination. Internal links are good to place in your blog as a means of on-page search engine optimization. And this could also put order in your blog.

#External links

Unlike internal links, external links go beyond the boundary of the site. This could be a hyperlink that you placed in a certain word or phrase of an article that could lead readers to land on other pages not part of the site’s jurisdiction. It could also be a blogroll, featured blogger from other sites, advertisement, videos and images that link the site to another.Know What Are Internal and External LinksExternal links are important for backlinking purposes. The thing is most bloggers make use of this in order to gather as many backlinks as they can so that their blog will rank in search engines. There are so many people who are obsessed with backlinking and it is important to know first and foremost if the blog where they are trying to get backlinks is do follow or not. Do follow links are essential external links that one can acquire as additional point in terms of backlinks. Also, one should bear in mind that taking too much backlinks will mark him a spammer and that will affect his ranking on #Google.

A deeper understanding of internal and external links can give benefits to the owner of the blog. It is important to know exactly how to utilize these links in order to protect your blog. - See more at: http://www.theblogservices.net/2014/05/understanding-internal-and-external.html#sthash.yTpDXGuz.dpuf
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