Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Pakistani Hacker Ranked on the top at HackerOne

Pakistani Hacker Ranked on the top at HackerOne
Yet one after another great news for Pakistan. The Pakistani hackers are shining on the top by competing the international community of hackers on Hackerone. Recently in Past Pakistani famous white hat security researcher Mr Rafay Baloch found one malicious bug in android browser which allows an attacker to hack android and Rafay was also shining on the international media for his great work.

Now Another Pakistani White Hat Hacker Shahmeer Amir is ranked on the top by HackerOne Which is well known for the security responses and bug bounty programes for hackers on international level.
Pakistani Hacker Ranked on the top at HackerOne 

Shameer Amir Alarmed many high profile websites including Yahoo!,Cloud Flare,Slack,Twitter and many more by reporting 122 bugs yet and he is listed on the top ten hackers who contributed in establishing a high end security for  those organizations ehich are linked with HackerOne.

Shameer Amir is a white hat independent security researcher and he is also awarded from many bug bounties some cash rewards , gift,s and prizes from different organizations for alarming the bug in their web applications.

On a talk with shameer a Pakistani White Hat Security researcher he stated that he love to work for his country and he is proud of his country Pakistan and he will be working more for his country.

Indeed Pakistan is full of talent the only thing which needs to be done is to use the talent and use their potential in a positive mean way. this is not the first time Pakistan is ranked no one in the security as Pakistan has its history in cyber security infact the first Computer virus was developed by Pakistan at Lahore by two brothers.

we are proud of you Shameer and Rafay and all those peoples who are working day and night for their country Pakistan.
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