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#2 High Authority Backlinks every Bloggers must Grab!

2 High Authority Backlinks every Bloggers must Grab!
In my previous post i have given the list of 24 social sites which gives dofollow links to your blog. Today i am writing this post to let you know 2 major authority sites from which you can grab high quality backlinks. As you all know that the major part of seo that every webmasters struggles to achieve is, getting dofollow backlinks to their blog. one fact to be said before planning to get backlinks to your blog is – It is always better to get backlinks from 10 high authority sites rather than hundreds of low authority sites. Are you wondering what Authority really mean?. Authority refers to nothing but the pagerank of the site and in order to achieve highest pagerank for your blog, you should always target on getting backlinks from high authority sites rather than submitting your blog to blog directories or grabbing huge backlinks from low pageranked sites.
As you all know that the second Google pagerank update of this year took place on May 03 and many of bloggers experienced a drop in their pagerank and many of low content blogs achieved good pagerank just with the help of backlinks to their blog from high pageranked sites and blogs
Getting quality backlinks is the biggest task ranging from newbie bloggers to pro bloggers and it really scratches the head of bloggers a lot. But however it is possible to get backlinks using some tactics like this and once after you achieve more quality backlinks and your blog gets disposed to various new visitors everyday all over the globe, your blog will automatically starts getting more number of backlinks if your blog is really worth reading and have enough content to satisfy the readers.

By having a glance over each and every low authority and high authority sites, you can easily notice that getting Backlinks is the biggest seo strategy that every bloggers and webmasters move behind. I have given this much of info on backlinks just to make you understand that you should really stop wasting your precious time by submitting to link directories, doing link exchange with low quality sites, submitting your blog to blog directories which are already messed up with tons of blogs. The only SEO strategy you should really care about is trying to build more number of quality backlinks as much as possible.

2 high authority backlinks bloggers must grab!!

1. #Getting Backlink From Google+ 

Well i know that you are wondering “Is it possible to get backlinks from GOOGLE+???”. Yes it is really possible to get a high authority backlink from this biggest social network. All you have to do is create an Google+ profile and add your blog link in the Recommended Links tab. I wish to inform you that the links placed under this Recommended Links Tab will be a dofollow link and you can use any browser plugin to make sure it. But be sure that your Google+ profile is set to public or else Google cannot index your links. If you really worry about privacy then be sure to include less details in your profile.

high authority backlinks

2. #Getting Backlink From Youtube

nothing is impossible

One of the never expected backlink from such a biggest website like YouTube that leading the internet like this is really made possible after many trials of achieving backlinks from it. As you all know that YouTube is the second largest search engine with more searches than Bing or Yahoo. Getting a backlink from it is really an godlike task for each webmasters and bloggers. 
But here is a simple logic by which it is a possible task. Let me quickly stress you one thing that you do not need to upload any video to get a backlink from YouTube. All you must know is, the website link given on your profile is andofollow link and even the about and video descriptionincludes dofollow links but all the other links are no-follow. You should first create an YouTube Channel, Choose Edit on the right tab, add your link in add a new link section and about section.

high authority backlinks

But in case of  Youtube you have a task to do – Your newly created Youtube profile will be of low authority and all you have to do in order to increase your Youtube profile authority is, you should post some videos, you should toss some precious comments on some good videos on Youtube without spamming it and your profile name in comment also adopts the backlinks strategy and the authority of your Youtube profile increases thus getting a high authority backlink to your blog.

high authority backlinks
So the main thing i wish to intimate through this post is, try to get more backlinks from high authority sites like this and your rankings will be boosted in no time.
Peace And Blessings Pals. . .
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