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24 Social Media Sites offering DoFollow Backlinks

24 Social Media Sites offering DoFollow Backlinks
DoFollow links are like the #SEO king which passes the page rank juice from one web page to the another and this is the reason why each and every webmasters and bloggers struggles hard to get more number of #dofollow backlinks to their blog to get higher rankings for their blog. You know that the second #pagerank update by Google took place on May 03 and many bloggers were disappointed by the drop of their blog’s #pagerank. Are you aware of which factor matters a lot in getting higher pagerank by #Google?.

The precious factor that Google considers in ranking a blog or site is the number of quality backlinks and the quality backlinks are nothing but the links from various other high pageranked blogs or websites pointing to your blog. As the number of quality backlinks increases, the pagerank of your blog also increases thus boosting your site occurrence in Google search results.
Well i am going to reveal lot of webmasters secrets and strategies soon as i am engaged with my exams right now. In the meanwhile i am writing this post to help you bloggers in getting high quality backlinks for your blog and increase the reputation of your blog and achieve a higher pagerank on the next page rank update by Google. Well these social media sites offers Dofollow links to your blog but all you have to do is, You should join these social media sites and link from your profiles to your blog address. The link from your profile will be a Dofollow link and thus passes pagerank juice to your blog.
This will highly boost your rankings a lot and the next pagerank update by Google which is around Aug-Sept will surely get a good news for you.

24 #Social Media Sites offering Dofollow Backlinks

I have managed to collect the list of these social media sites. Bookmark this page to stay tuned with the updates and if you are aware of any other site which offers Dofollow link then let me know it and i will update this list with it. Don’t forget to Like us on #Facebook to get latest updates directly on your profile wall.
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