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#Find and Redirect Broken Links in Blogger

Find and Redirect Broken Links in Blogger
Finding broken / dead links in your blog and redirecting them is a best tactic for preventing visitors to get discouraged when they visit broken links of your blog. Suppose if a broken link of your blog stands on google’s first page, then what will be the feedback of visitors about your blog when they find dead links in their first visit to your blogger blog??!!, so it makes a lot of sense and therefore one of the fabulous phrase “First Impression Is The Best Impression” still stands high in this world. So let me help you in finding broken / dead links on your blog and redirecting them without errors.
  • For Ex:
  • Suppose if a dead link like # have been indexed by search engines like Google, where the original post is standing with the url #, then the process of redirection will be necessary and compulsory too. .

#How To Find and Redirect Dead Links in Blogger

1. Hope you have submitted your sitemap to Google Webmaster Tools and Google bot already indexing your blog posts. 
2. Google will fetch broken/dead links of your blog and display it in the Crawl Errors section with 404(Page not found) error.
3. Suppose if a post of your blog have been moved somewhere on your blog and Google displaying its older post URL in Crawl Errors as i have mentioned in the above example, then Go to your Blogger Dashboard –> Settings –>Search Preferences and make a redirection using Custom Redirects option provided by blogger as shown below.
3(a). Place your broken link and original link( will be shown fixed and just place the remaining elements of URL like/2012/04/Abc.html in the box provided)  as shown above andSave it.
  • Note:: Custom Redirection feature by Blogger allowing to create only 10 redirections and its having a bug when trying to create the 11th redirection and this have been reported to blogger and hope Blogger will fix this bug as soon as possible.
4. Suppose If a dead link or unavailable link is indexed by Google and displaying an 404 error, then Go to Crawler Access section in your Google Webmaster Tools and use URL Removal Tool to remove that particular url from Google’s index by creating a new removal request.
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