Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Find what Technology are used behind any Blog/ Website

Find what Technology are used behind any Blog/ Website
I am a big Fan of Pete Cashmore. He is a?Scottish?man who founded Mashable.com. Mashable has been rated as a 'must read blog'. Pete has not attended any college but he did a job which can't be done by any graduate. You can read more about Peter Cashmore at?here.?Mashable.com is a most widely popular blog and it runs on an open source blog publishing platform, i.e. WordPress. Today I'm talking about Mashable cause at?early?days of my blogging life, i was eager to found the technology used behind this blog. But due to lack of?knowledge?about respected field i wasn't able to do the same.
So after a long research i found a website that helps to find the Technology and other tools used behind any blog or website. If you want to know about the Tools and Technology used behind any blog or website than you can use this free online tool named as Sitonomy. So if you wants to know the anatomy of any blog you can use this tool.
See the screenshot below, which is showing the anatomy of Mashable.com according to Sitonomy.
Find what Technology are used behind any Blog/ Website

According to Sitonomy Some Facts about Mashable.com

  • Blogging Platform: WordPress
  • Ads?Management: Double Click
  • Feed?Subscription: Feed Burner
  • JavaScript?Library: jQuery
  • Traffic Tracking: Google Analytic, Woopra
  • Server Software: Apache
Sitonomy is a nice online tool to find on which platform any blog is running, how it tracking the?traffic?and which ad service are in use by any blog.
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