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#How Internal Linking can Boost your Blog SEO

How Internal Linking can Boost your Blog SEO
Internal links are nothing but the link on a post of a blog which is linked to some other post of the same blog. Today huge number of bloggers target on getting huge traffic from various search engines and #Google becomes an ultimate target when we think about getting huge #traffic from search engines. So in this post i am going to give you an hint on how search engines like Google work and how can you boost your blog page occurrence in Google by internal links!!?. 

#Boost your Blog #SEO by Internal Links 

The main concept of internal linking is mainly to flow the page rank juice from one post to the another post.
So to get more traffic from search engine like Google, Its a simple logic that as your blog posts get ranked high, your blog impressions increases in Google search results, hence your blog page clicks goes on increasing and thus results in rapid growth of traffic from search engines to your blog. You can however know your blog page impressions and clicks using Google webmaster tools. 
you know that, the entrance key for getting occurrence in Google search results lies in submitting a error free sitemapto Google webmaster tools. The second key lies in writing a post which is very relevant to its post title and suppose you are a newbie blogger and trying to get good traffic from search engines, then i hope you will have at-least a single post which shows its presence in Google search results enormously for a particular keyword, now the internal links from that particular post will provide some flow of page rank juice to the blog post to which it have linked to. This ensures two major advantages:
  • The visitors of that particular post gets engaged in following other posts on your blog without leaving your blog.
  • This ensures the flow of page rank juice from one post to another post of the same blog and thus results in getting traffic to all your posts.
  • Add only 3-4 internal links on each posts and this limits will not make the visitors irritated.
  • The linked page must be very relevant to the keyword it is linked from and the post it is linked from.
  • Never add NOFOLLOW tag to internal links.
  • However Meta description plays an effective role in making web surfers to visit your blog.
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