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How to Get Alexa Pro in Free

How to Get Alexa Pro in Free
Today I will share tips and tricks blogger again to you all, yaiut How to Make Alexa Pro. Alexa, is a website that served to see or manage all rank of websites or blogs that exist in the world. Blogs or Websites that quality can be seen from its alexa ranking.
In this article I do not teach you how to sign Alexa, but teach you how to How To Make Free Alexa Alexa Being Pro Free .
From the name alone we already know that the ALEXA PRO is PAID. So I will teach you how do it we get Alexa Pro but not spending money at all. Are interested, please follow the following ways.
  • For those of you who have not signed up Alexa, please list HERE .
  • Or for those who are already registered, please LOGIN alone as usual.
  • If you’ve LOGIN , enter PRODUCTI
  • After that you will get 3 options.
  • Choose the least expensive or the BASIC
  • Click START YOUR TRIAL (his trial anyway, but pay well)
How to Get Alexa Pro in Free
Enter the URL of your blog
  • Click on ACCEPT TERMS
How to Get Alexa Pro in Free
  • The last part you requested payment through Credit Card
How to Get Alexa Pro in Free

Note: Do not worry, here I’ve been providing for payment of his credit card FOR FREE! so you do not have to worry.
Number: 4921672501467397
EXP: 0617
CVV: 641
Name: Melanie Azkona
Country: ES
State: Gipuzkoa
ZIP: 20003
City: Donostia
Street: Calle San Vicente 9-2
Phone: 943421387
This is his proof:
How to Get Alexa Pro in Free
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