Friday, 13 February 2015

Pakistani Hacker Mr.Badoo Arrested by FBI

Hacker Mr.Badoo Arrested by FBI
Mr.Badoo is one of most famous and old hacker of Pakistan in cyber space.He is arrested by FBI on June, 25, 2012 for hacking into PC of Andy who create any event of drawing Prophet Muhammad’s(SAW). He hacked Andy account and remove that event from facebook. It has been almost 2 Years from now. It all started with a maniac’s malicious efforts of maligning Islam when he, the name’s Andy, started a facebook event of drawing Prophet Muhammad’s(SAW) picture with only one intention of maligning the image of Islam and hurting the millions of followers of Islam throughout the world. Though he and many of his supporters call this as an act of “freedom of speech”, they failed to reason as to why only Prophet Muhammad’s(SAW) was considered. 

Their aim is crystal clear, they only want to create ruckus and anger among 1.5 billion muslims across the globe, to malign the image of our beloved Prophet Muhammad’s(SAW) image.

 They almost succeeded in their efforts but thanks to muslims all over the world and specially to Pakistan Government that they without an iota delay, protested to this event. Pakistani government took a very good step in devising a temporarily ban to facebook, youtube and some other such websites that were the communication mode of the drawing event.
There are many other media sites also give lot about this news And many more....

Interview With Mr.Badoo (Ali Hasan) On Air Radio Live

 ~ Download Interview

We have the power of e-media. Spread this as much as possible through blogs, youtube videos, discussion threads, forums, communities. Make it so frequent and often that in every search query of google, our messages are displayed, everywhere. Mr.Badoo(Ali) needs us, we must not step back.

Remember, we will be questioned by Allah what we did to support our brother when he stood alone for us. Let us not make ourself sinners for that day. Please do stand, our brother needs us. Don’t step back.

May Allah give us hidayah courage to stand for our brother and brother Ali the courage to stand against the biased peoples.
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