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Tips to Increase the Number of Visitors and Blogger Pageviews

Tips to Increase the Number of Visitors and Pageviews Blogger

What’s pageviews?

Pageviews are the number of pages viewed and read by visitors in a single visit, whether the visitor is coming from search engines, social bookmarking or from websites / blogs. Increase the number of pageviews is very important to do, why? due to the increasing number of pageviews on the blog will automatically increase and rank blog has SERP position that good anyway.
Pageviews actually measure how useful the article in a blog that is read by them and if a blog has articles that do not provide benefits even cheat, then they will leave the blog and reluctant to visit it again.

To increase the number of visitors and pageviews blog, you can apply the following tips.

1. Create a unique and quality articles

Unique and quality articles that will make the visitors feel satisfied for having had the right information and felt what he had read he could not get anywhere else.

2. Add article periodically

Blogs that have a number of articles which are many and varied to make the number of page views will increase. It is possible visitors will see and read more than one article. For that try to make 2 to 3 articles every day and if it can not, at least try to make an article every day. However, do not make the post copy and paste the results of adverse because in addition to its original author, can also harm your own.

3. Take advantage of social bookmarking network

One way to increase the number of visitors is by using social bookmarking networks such as facebook, twitter, feedsburner (subscribe via email) as well as other social networks. The trick is diligent to share the latest articles as well as long to social bookmarking. Do not forget to install the share button on every article that you post. It aims to make it easier for visitors to share the article he had just read.

4. Put the Sidebar/Widget interactive

Benefit from the sidebar by placing recent post, popular posts and other gadgets that you are easily seen by visitors. In this case I emphasize to use the facilities that have been provided starndard gadget bloggers too lightly because in addition to light at the time of the blog page is opened.

5. Create a glowing article or concatenated

Creating articles that glow will make the blog page pageviews will increase. Why is that? because the article is concatenated to make visitors curious and want to see the continuation of the article he had just read.

6. Create a post related articles below

By the time a visitor finishes reading an article he had read, could accidentally get to see the other post-post related to the article he had just read and interested to see the content of the linked article.

7. Create a table of contents

List the contents of a blog will make it easier for visitors to find various kinds of articles that he did not get on the sidebar or related post.

8. Use the title interesting and intriguing

The title is interesting and contains elements of a curious visitor could attract visitors to open and read the article.

9. Create a blog light when opened

Blogs are lightweight and do not take a long time loading will make the visitor feel at home. Of the few cases that I find, a blog that has a load time/weight will make visitors lazy to open another article and worse still, the page that have not been completely open, visitors are immediately closed the browser without seeing the contents of the article.

10. Internal linking pairs on each post

Offer to visitors by increasing the internal links that refer to other posts. In addition, the internal link is also one step to SEO blog.

11. Blog walking

In addition to goodwill, blogwalking can also increase the number of visitors by leaving comments on blogs you visit.
Those are some tips to increase pageviews as well as visitors to the blog. You can also add other tips that are thought to increase the number of visitors to your blog!
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