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Blogger Interview with Paul Crowe of SpiceUpYourBlog

Howdy Pals! Today I am comes with different post to publish. There will not be any tips or tricks today, but don't worry it will worth to read today's post as always. Today I am posting an interview with ProBlogger Paul Crowe of He is a professional blogger from Ireland who is well known name in blogging.

Paul CroweSpice Up Your Blog is one of top most favorite blog among the newbies and other bloggers who want to established their blog as brand. You could simply manage to create well designed blog by following this blog. In my earlier time I also got lots of help from its articles. It also gives me sense to design well optimized blog along with great design. Paul is an inspiration to so many blogger and you might one of them, so I decide why not to ask Paul to share his experience with our readers.

First I would like to share something about this interview. When decide to conduct an interview on Blogging Tuition I was in two minds to whom I have to ask first? Rather asking to any of one I ask both pro bloggers including Paul. The most quick and genuine reply came from Paul. Even I don't expect such a quick response from him but he made me wrong. Finally I lineup some question for him and he answered it very well. So today I am publishing here an interview with Paul Crowe.
Blogger Interview with Paul Crowe of SpiceUpYourBlog


Tell our readers something about you.

I'm from Ireland and have been Blogging for almost seven years, full time for about three years.

How did you come to know about Blogging and when you enter into it?

I was looking to get into online marketing in 2005 and needed a way to have a proper online presence. I found a blog to be a great way to promote products and referral links, best of all you could start a blog for free. I soon after started a few blogs on other things I was interested in such as sport. From there I started to learn a lot about blog design, SEO and the other topics that I would go on to cover on Spice Up Your Blog.

Where do you get fresh ideas for new posts?

I stay connected to all things within my niche so I'm always in touch with the latest news and information. Also as I run a number of blogs across different blogging platforms I can share my experiences with the readers. Of course we publish a lot of guest posts on Spice Up Your Blog as well.

How much time do you spent on your blog(s) per day?

It changes all the time as I don't really have a set routine every day. I will spend at least 5 hours most days but it can be anywhere up to 14 hours if I have work lined up.

How much time did it take to earn you first dollar online?

From advertising on my blogs it took almost a year to reach the $100 minimum cash out on AdSense.I think most people would have given up but I enjoyed it and at the time money was not the main focus for me.In fact there was no ads on Spice Up Your Blog for the first few months until it had an audience that would make ads worthwhile.

What is the main source of your earning? How do you make money from your blog?

Advertising is probably the main source of income but its very close with the ( Blog Design Service I offer. I also build and sell websites and blogs so that helps top up the income.

Tips for our readers to make more money from their blog.

Traffic is key you need to build traffic to have any chance, then it comes down to tracking ad performance to make sure you are using the right units in the right positions on your site. Also if you are an expert in your niche perhaps writing and selling an eBook or online course could be profitable. It takes a lot of time to build the audience that would attract direct ad sales.

How you manage to keep your blog so stylish? Is it necessary to earn money?

I think it is necessary to have a blog that looks good as it will be easier for readers to navigate.

How do you manage to get traffic when you are new to blogging? What is your main source to attract more traffic?

When you start it's never easy to attract traffic but I don't think you just focus on one method. You need to keep SEO in mind as well as social media. I think a new blogger could also invest in advertising, $100 spend on AdWords can go a long way.

Tell our reader how they can achieve success and what are your strategies to be successful?  

You really have to focus on content. I think as a blogger you need to solve a problem. If you provide a visitor with a solution to a problem or information they need they will remember the site and share it.

How many blogs do you have?

I have about 10 blogs and even more websites. My main blog is Spice Up Your Blog and I recently launched Free Blogger Templates. I had a template blog previously but sold it so I'm looking to build an even better one now.

What you do in your free time when you don’t blogging?

I like to play golf, play darts and I love movies that pretty much take up the rest of my time. Like everyone else I can also get sidetracked and waste time on Facebook and YouTube.

Thanks for featuring me on your blog and best of luck!
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