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Convert Visitors into Email Subscribers using OptinMonster Plugin

Convert Visitors into Email Subscribers using OptinMonster Plugin
If you are starting a website or a blog then you will have to understand the value of returning visitors and customers. If your visitors are not returning then maybe the content on your blog or its design is displeasing, but if the content and design both are amazing then it might be something that you are not yet doing.
That something would be building an email list!
By building an email list, you will be able to build a huge audience that is loyal. You can easily talk with them, send them new content that you don’t post on your blog, and send them tips and tricks that will really be helpful. And in return they will help you grow your business.
When you look for tips to build an email list, you will see that everyone is suggesting to offer some freebie or some premium content to attract your visitors to sign up but what they don’t say is that the subscription form’s design and the location is also a lot important.
And that’s where OptinMonster (aff) comes in!
OptinMonster is a plugin for WordPress that is developed by Thomas Griffin (creator of Soliloquy Slider plugin) and Syed Balkhi of WPBeginner.
If your blog or website’s success is linked to the conversion rate, then using a plugin like OptinMonster can help you increase the signup rate and skyrocket your conversions.

What Does OptinMonster Do?

OptinMonster helps you create elegant looking and highly converting optin forms. It allows you 4 different ways to show the optin form on your site like pop-ups or slide-ins.
The best part about the plugin is that it comes with A/B testing module so that you can easily analyze different campaigns and see which ones are performing better than the others. You can use different fonts, different headlines, layouts, styles and see which forms converts best.
The plugin also comes with other powerful features like Page-level targeting, Exit Intent technology and Analytics.
There are dozens of such email list building plugins so you might ask what’s different about OptinMonster. Here’s what Syed Balkhi had to say about it:
“OptinMonster offers Exit-Intent technology, a custom design builder that looks just like the WP theme customizer, it is better coded then every other plugin out there (in terms of speed and best practices).”
The Exit Intent is a new feature that analyze the pattern of the visitors and the moment they are about to leave they are targeted with a campaign to capture the lead. However, this feature is available in only the “Ultimate” and “Pro” plans.

How to Configure the OptinMonster Plugin?

First of all, you need to buy the plugin (aff). Once you have purchased the plugin, download the zip file and upload the plugin to your WordPress blog.
Once the plugin is installed, activate it and then go to the “Settings” page of the plugin and enter the License Key to verify it.
OptinMonster licence key
Now let’s see how to set up optin forms for your blog.

Step 1: Creating an Optin Form

To set up an optin form, you have to go to the “Optin” tab and then click on “Add new” button. You will see different types of optin forms which includes:
  • LightBoxOptin
  • Footer Optin
  • SlideInOptin
  • Sidebar Optin
  • After Post Optin
  • Exit Intent Optin
OptinMonster optin forms
If you don’t see these optin types, go to Addons tab and install the addons.
optinmonster addons

Step 2: Choose a Design:

Now that you have chosen the type of the form, you will then have to enter the Optin Campaign Title and choose a design of your form. There you will see different designs you can choose from.
optinmonster optin designs

Step 3: Configure the form:

After you select the theme of the form, you will get various options to configure it.
optinmonster preview
  1. Optin title – choose a title of the form for your own reference.
  2. Optin Loading Delay – Set a loading delay time, anywhere near 100 milliseconds would do.
  3. Optin Cookie Duration – Set the number of days before the visitor sees the optin form again.
  4. Redirect Link – Set a link where the visitor will be redirected to after he click on the sign up button.
  5. Require Double Optin – It is better if you keep this option checked.
  6. Use Exit Intent – If you are using either “Ultimate” or “Pro” plan, you will see this option so make sure you have it enabled.
  7. Integration –Connect your autoresponder service. It supports all the popular services including Aweber, GetResponse, Constant Contact, iContact, InfusionSoft, Mailchimp, MadMimi etc.

Step 4: Integrate the Email Autoresponder

Now that you have set up your form, you need to make sure that you have integrated the autoresponder service to the form.
You can do so by going to the “Integrations” tab and connecting the autoresponder with the plugin.
optinmonster autoresponder setting

Step 5: Output Settings:

Now you need to do some final settings to enable the optin form on your site. You can choose the Global option and it will display the optin form on all the pages of your site.
But if you don’t want to display the form on all the pages of the site but only on a specific location or page, you can set that page in the “Load Optin Exclusively On” option.
optinmonster output settings
The other options include choosing the categories where you want to display the optin forms and the type of pages like posts and other pages on your site.

Final Verdict:

Seeing that the plugin is super easy to setup and the autoresponder service integration is extremely easy, I would recommend this plugin to everyone who is looking to increase the conversion rates on their blog.
The best optin forms are the lightbox popups that grabs the readers’ attention immediately and if you are able to customize it for maximum conversions, you will be able to capture a lot of leads from that form.
So if you are using OptinMonster then share your experience with the plugin and if you don’t then I recommend you to buy the plugin (aff) and see an exponential growth in your blog’s success.
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