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#Top 6 free Backlinks Checker Tools

Top 6 free Backlinks Checker Tools
When a person creates a Blog or a Website, He must know about something called SEO (Search Engine Optimization). SEO is very important for every website. There are many methods of SEO. One of the best and important tricks of SEO is generating the Backlinks. Backlinks basically are the link of the person’s website on anyone else’s website. Search Engine checks the site Backlinks and displays the result of that website which has the most Backlinks on other websites. Our today lecture on top 6 free online Backlinks checker tools, Now the Question is how can we check online that how many Backlinks of our websites are?

#Backlinks Checker Tool

There are some Backlink Checker Tools or we can say there are some Backlink Analysis tools, which read out the links of the particular website and display the result to us. We check Backlinks through some websites (Description is given below). In Fact Google has its own Link Checker tool too, called “Backlink Checker Google Tool”. Google is the biggest Search Engine in the world and displays the result of only those websites on its first page which has most number of Backlinks.

#How to Check Backlinks?

There are many different websites which analysis the Backlinks of a websites and displays the result. Some of the websites are described here:


#Ahrefs is one the best link analysis website and is providing its services world wide. It tells the results live even the links are updated before 15 minutes. (

2. Majestic SEO

#Majestic SEO is a site which analyzes the Backlinks and shows the result. It is an old organization and provides the exact history of data even it is post 90 days ago. (

3. Open Site Explorer

#Open Site Explorer is a new and beneficial site to calculate Backlinks. OSE is also called the Website Checker in the sense of Backlink Checking. (

4. Backlink Watch

#Backlink Watch is also powered by Ahrefs but there is little difference between both of them. Its result is not efficient and final as compared to Ahrefs but it is also free and mostly used website. (

5. Link Diagnosis

#LinkDiagnosis works like Backlink Watch and a free tool to analyze your links and provides you the best output. (

6. Small SEO Tool

#Small SEO tool is one of the best websites which check the Backlinks of the Websites. It provides you the exact number of your Backlinks at a time. (

If you have any problem, question and suggestion, you can ask it for help.
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