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Top 7 Places to Promote Your Blog

Top 7 Places to Promote Your Blog
How to get traffic on Blog is biggest headache of every Blogger. There are many different ways to increase Blog Traffic just like commenting on other sites with your link; Generating Backlinks; Guest Postings; Using Social Networking and many more. Promoting a Blog or site is not easy as it seemed. You have to do a lot of hard work. All these methods which I described here are just temporary and will be end with the passing time, then what?? How to Blog effectively??? There are so many Questions but don’t worry; today I am going to tell you guys How to drive more Traffic on your Blog with Blog Communities, which are for forever.

Blogging Community

Blogging Community is the best Blogging platform to promoting Blog Posts. By using Community Blog it is very easy how to promote a Blog Post and how to Boost Blog Traffic. There are different platforms of Blog Communities which are described below:

1. Blog Engage

Blog Engage is the biggest platform to promoting Blog posts. It has a large number of users. If you share your post with them obviously you will get free Blog Traffic. Blog Engage is the network which charges $19.99 dollars for its Standard account, but you can also create a free trial account too. Visit Blog Engage by click here.

2. Klinkk

It is another platform of Blog Communities, It is completely free. You just have to share your posts with it and you will free Blog Traffic. Visit Klinkk by click here.

3. Inbound

It is one the best ways to promote Blog. In this community you have to get more votes to get more traffic. You have to join discussions to get more votes. Once you have got high votes then you will get thousands of people on your Blog. Visit Inbound by click here.

4. Blokube

Blokube is another way how to gain Blog Traffic. You just need to create an account and connect with the others posts, and you will get more traffic with this. Visit Blokube by click here.

5. Bizsugar

Bizsugar is the best platform to get more hits. Just share your posts with Bizsugar and you will get a lot of traffic because Bizsugar has thousands of people worlds wide. Visit Bizsugar by click here.

6. Triberr

In Social Media tips Triberr is the best platform of thousands of people around the world. Just connect with the top Bloggers on Triberr and share your Ideas and posts with them. Visit Triberr by click here.

7. Storify

Storify is the biggest and new platform of gather the thousands of people together. Just share your Blog Posts in there and gain high traffic with it. Visit Storify by click here.
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