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#How to get back Lost AdSense Account

How to get back Lost AdSense Account
The #Google team is now very strict. Google AdSense teams are now disapproving some accounts due to some violation. We are also seen some time after some webmaster getting her AdSense account activation then he will doing copy pasting work. Also don’t add your AdSense account in low ranking sites because its increases chances to lost your account soon. The Google teams are many times disapproving for invalid hits. Google is always smarter than other because if you promoting some one to hit your #AdSense ads then you may be loose your account because if your friend is hit day by day in your ads then your friend ip address Google will be finding and banned your AdSense account. Google teams are always helping those are always honest and working harder way. Also before applying AdSense you need to read the terms and conditions seriously then you safe your AdSense account. Google teams are always ready to helping AdSense publishers then if you have any problem related to AdSense you can asking their to getting an valuable answer. In this topic you will getting some advance tips to get back your #lost Google AdSense account and also those account are disapproved these peoples are also follow this topic.
#Reasons for disapproval
1) Copy violation
2) Not Much more content
3) Not an Valuable Alexa rank
4) Google page rank is not higher than 2 or no Google page rank.
5) Adding more ads more publisher ads while applying AdSense
6) Not six month Older
7) Invalid clicks
8) Promoting hits by your Friends
9) Page type site
10) Not seriously fill the AdSense from.
The above ten reason for those are already lost account and those account are not approved then you need to follow some below tips to increasing your chances to approving your AdSense account:

#Remove contents

First if you are site getting disapproval from AdSense then you need remove the copied sentences, photos and complete topics in your site. Then go to the Google webmaster tool then remove your deleted topic link to Google search engine page. Then those accounts are disapproved not been approved then if they have started using BlogSpot domain or WordPress domain then they have create other new site leave their previous site and then purchase an Domain for new site.

#Posting Rate

After following above step you need to increase your posting rate then post at least 20 topics per day then you have to posting 600 posts in 3 month then if you getting 300 visitors per day then you will getting 9000 visitors in three month. Then you will getting an valuable Alexa rank that is needed for approving AdSense account. If you lost your AdSense account then you must wait four month for get back your AdSense account. Then those are not have account then they have can apply their AdSense account after three month for following these steps.

#Site Design

In WordPress you can design your site in an professional way then design is increasing your chances to approving your AdSense account. In blogger you can also use blogger default templates to increasing approval but in honest way. Also you apply seo tricks in your template or theme for getting higher chances of approval because for applying seo tricks you will getting more visitors.

#Seriously fill the AdSense From

Before filling AdSense from you need to remind your all details that you entering in your AdSense from. The AdSense teams are fully reviewing your AdSense from then seriously fill then you will not giving any chances to AdSense team to disapproving your AdSense to see your from.
Readers this post i have written for my giving best knowledge. is you have any problem after reading this topic like How to approving my AdSense account, What is the easy methods to approving an AdSense account. If you have any question related to AdSense then you can ask me here to getting valuable answer.
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