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How to Increase Blog Traffic From USA and Canada

How to Increase Blog Traffic From USA and Canada
Today, earning through the Internet is very common. Everyone wants to earn money from his Home. There are different methods for earning through Internet. But Blogging is best of them. Many people are earning from home by Blogging. Blogging is very easy and very beneficial for the person who owes the Blog. But the main thing is that where he targeted his Blog in the world. The United States of America (USA), United Kingdom (UK) and Canada, these countries are very rich and famous in the world. If we target them for our Blog, it would be very easier to generate money. These countries can help us to make more money other than anyone else. There are many people who are getting Blog Traffic from US and Canada. Today we are going to discuss how we can target these countries for our Blog to get instant traffic.

Use Keywords from USA and Canada Locations

How to increase traffic on your website? To get this purpose, we have to find highly searched keywords from these countries. You can find the Keywords on Adword Keyword Tool (we can say it Keyword destiny); there is no need to worry about how to find the best keywords. You just need to type the name of your topic in Adword Keyword Tool” and you will get a lot of suggestions. Try to select those keywords for your post which have high searches and high CPC. It would help you to increase your Blog traffic from USA and Canada. Use those keywords in you Post Title, headings, text, permalink, site description, Meta description and others.
If you still confuse for keywords? I wrote another article on How do Keywords Research on adword keyword tool you can visit it.

Social Promotion in USA and Canada

We have to take the help of Social Media Sites, Just like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and others to promote our site in USA and Canada. As we know approximately every Internet user uses one of these Social sites. That is why it would be helpful to get the traffic to our Blog. We just need to do is that focus on the USA and Canada People, who are using Social Media Websites. We can have more traffic to Blog with the help of Social Media Traffic.

Connection with USA and Canada Blogs   

Guest Posting and Backlinks on the USA and Canada Blogs would be helpful to driving Traffic from USA and Canada. To leave your link on other Sites is called the Backlinks. To write for someone’s Blog with your Backlink is called Guest Posting.  When you are going to have some Backlinks or write for someone’s Blog always confirm that the Blog is of your same topic, otherwise it would be not much helpful.

Submission of your Blog in USA and Canada Directories

It is one of the best ways to increase traffic to your Blog. There are different directories, you can find on Google. Directories can also help you to increase the traffic of your Blog. Try to Select US and Canada based directories. When you submit your site to a directory, it must have well typed material and good ranking; it would help your Blog to be approved by that directory.

Advertise on USA and Canadian Sites

Advertisement on USA and Canada’s best sites can help you to get the traffic from those Countries. For your this purpose, you will need some money to spend. If you can spend money, it would be very helpful for your Blog to be popular. You can easily find the popular sites from Google to be advertised.

Geographic Target in Webmaster Tool

The Webmaster tool gives us the opportunity to target the countries where we want to show our Blog. The Search Engine would give the more traffic from those countries which you have targeted. Here is the method given to target the Specific country.
Step1:   Go to Webmaster tool >> then Site Dashboard >> then Settings.
Step2:   Here you will have to mark on the box ‘Target users in’ >> and select your country.
Today we learned how to increase Blog Traffic from USA and Canada. In our further lessons, we discuss more things. There are still a lot of things to learn. Watch out our other Articles to learn more. Stay connected.

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New Bloggers today we learnt how to increase blog traffic from USA and Canada. If you want more articles regarding blogging tips and tricks, SEO Tips and Tricks then stay with us.
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