Monday, 27 April 2015

#How to Increase the Cost per Click Advertising Adsense

increase cpc
Many adsense publishers including myself who continue to question about how to increase the value of the CPC on Google Adsense ads, I myself also do not know how and to date I type this article about the mystery of the CPC’s Google Adsense ads can not be solved by me.

1. #Article Qualified

Why quality article, because according to the masters who have experienced that the more good quality articles or blog that is in the ad that will appear when opening the article will have a very high CPC value. it is also included in the article is not in Copas from another article in other words, the article must Original.

2. #Placement Ad

According to the master of another Adsense, ad placement also affect the price or value of the ad. which according to the example where the master has a value that is very tinngi ads posted in the post or article. why this is so, because these ads will adjust the zoom with the content of the post or article, then from the ads that will appear automatically will have a high CPC value.

3. #Amount Ad

Maybe this will be a little less absurd but according to experience one of the group members that the fewer ads posted it is more expensive ads, because the ads that will appear is the highest bid advertisement to appear in the blog, due to the number of ads that provided reduced.
Of the three the way, I think the most sensible way is to first and second, what do you think?, So first article I hope that this article can be useful for the readers and for myself.
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