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Interview With Blogger Zac Johnson Sharing Blogging Tips

Interview With Blogger
Blogging is great, Blogging can earn you money, Blogging can give you fame, Blogging can make you internet celebrity and if you want to become a successful blogger and have been struggling with your blogging strategies then I have the super and well know blogger and super affiliate marketer Mr.Zac Johnson from he is one of the famous blogger in blogosphere and has owned himself a big name in blogging industry 

So to help you all I have an exclusive interview with non other than Zac Johnson himself to share some of the best blogging tips and I am sure that you will not get to this quality tips from any another other blogger unless you are paying them membership fees  So I hope that you will definitely love this interview and apply some of these blogging tips to make your blog successful So without wasting much time lets start the interview

Interview with Blogger - Zac Johnson From

Interview With Zac Johnson Blogger
Interview With Zac Johnson Blogger

1) Hi, Zac First of all very warm welcome could you please introduce about yourself 

Zac - My name is Zac Johnson and I've been making money online since 1995 and started blogging in 2007. You can read my long bio on my blog.

2) How you got into blogging and why you started?

Zac - I got into the world of blogging because I knew it was the next big thing. Having a blog and growing your brand is one of the best things that you can do. I made a lot of money through affiliatemarketing and creating my own sites, but when I launched my blog at it really opened a whole new world of opportunity.

3) Tell us some of the biggest mistakes you did in early days of blogging and how you overcame it

Zac - I would have created a product or membership based site early on. It's easy to create a blog and sell ads on your site, but you need to look long term and build something that will grow with time as well.

4) As many newbie bloggers think that making money by blogging is very difficult what are your thoughts on this

Zac - Starting a blog takes 5 mins... then you have to deal with 100+ million blogs that are already out there. So why should anyone read your blog over the others. This is where your creativity and business mind sense has to come in. Create something amazing and useful or you will just get buried within the millions of other sites out there.

5) How long can you expect to make decent amount of money through blogging

Zac - This all depends on your blog, the niche and how you are trying to make money with your site. Some high traffic blogs don't make much money, but other sites that get only 100 visitors a day through organic search might made a few hundred a month. All depends on your niche and blogging intention.

6) I was really impressed that your blog ranks no 1 for the keyword “blogging tips” which is awesome can you tell us how you managed to pull that no 1 spot?

Zac - Since the domain name and title for the site is "blogging tips", I'm glad it's ranking #1 as well. It's an authority site with nearly 5,000+ articles and lots of great links. Create great content, focus on the keywords you want to rank for and provide value that people will share as well.

7) Its my personal question that how one can rank his blog or websites (I am not talking about individual post or pages) for particular keyword few tips because literally I found pointless answers everywhere

Zac - Trying to rank for any generic keywords is a lost cause, there is simply too much competition. Go for long tail keywords instead. Create great content with 1000+ word articles and use your keyword in the title, but make it real well for your audience. Then create infographics around your content, top posts and resources that other people find value in. Give your audience what they want and they will help share and link back to your site.

8) How blogging has changed your life and how you feel living dot com sorry laptop lifestyle,LOL

Zac - Blogging has given me a much stronger and more powerful brand. You can read all about how blogging changed my life in this article.

9) Literally many bloggers always try to figure out how big bloggers are making money any tips and few ways to get started for newbie bloggers who find it really hard

Zac - The best ways to make money with a blog are through Google Adsense, selling ads on your site and creating your own products. This is something I also cover in-depth in this article.

10) Few bloggers say that in next coming years podcasts will overtake blogging how much is that true from your point of view

Zac - Podcasting is growing, but blogging isn't going anywhere. There will always be room for web sites and online content. Podcasting is a thousands times harder to create, manage and run successfully vs. a blog.

11) For any newbie blogger what is the best way to start blogging if he want to become full time blogger

Zac - Spend most of your time picking a niche. Once you find a good one, then create killer content and try to rank in the search results for long tail keywords. Create a blog around a niche that will make you money... not just another "wordpress tips" blog.

12) Did you anytime felt that a blogging is not working for me I must try something else

Zac - Sure, I've created hundreds of sites and blogs and many of them fail. It's a matter of knowing when to move onto the next project and not. Most online sites and ad campaigns will fail -- it's something we all need to learn from. I've had much more failing projects than successful, it's just a matter of kicking through them all til you find one that works.

13) Can you Zac please share how much traffic you get from only organic searches since your blog is no 1 for very highly competitive keyword please share if possible

Zac - Search traffic always varies. It's not the high traffic keywords you should really aim for, but the long tail keywords instead. You can use tools like to look at your top keywords and then compare them to your competition. See who is ranking for what and why, then create better content and try to rank higher over your competition.

14) Newbie’s want to earn money as soon as possible. What would you like to suggest them and which approach they should follow

Zac - Blogging is a slow process for making money, as you need to create content, build a brand and rank in the search results. Only focus on niche markets and content that will make you money. Don't worry about anything else and this will quickly speed up the process.

15) How much time you spend in doing SEO and promotion for your blogs

Zac - I don't promote my sites as much as I focus on creating content for them. Google is being a big pain lately with their link penalties and you need to be careful on how you are building links back to your sites.

16) Favorite blogging tools and software’s which you would highly recommend 

Zac - I like to visit, as it's a quick resource to see what sites are posting new content in the affiliate marketing space.

17) Once again thanks for giving your precious time Zac and do you want to give any messages to my readers and suggestions or tips would you like to share to help them in improving their blogging skills

Zac - Thanks for having me. You can also check out, it's my new course for building a real blog, brand and business online.

So friends this was Super affiliate marketer Zac johnson I hope you must have learned lots of things from this awesome interview like on this blog I am going to do more great interviews which will definitely help you in your blogging and to make your blog successful So please subscribe and don't forget to subscribe to get the upcoming interviews with top pro bloggers in the industry! Keep Blogging and do smart blogging
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