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Top 5 Backlinks Checker Tools For Your Blogs

Backlinks Checker Tools
People use backlink checker tools to see if their backlink campaign is bearing fruit. It shows if backlinks are being followed, lost and gained. It shows if other people are linking to your website of their own accord. The list is not in any sort of order as they are all good backlink checkers.


This is a very popular and very accurate backlink checker and SEO checker. If this list were ranked in any way then this would appear first on the list. The great thing is that every day it allows you a free go on the tool. If you want to use it further then you have to sign up for an account. The free try is handy because you can see how it works and just how detailed and accurate your scan really is. If you have a list of all the backlinks that you have set up on the Internet, then you will be able to see them appear on the Ahrefs report. You will be able to see a report that is laid out in very easy to understand tabs. Any visualizations it creates are self explanatory, and you may navigate around the tabs in order to find the information you are looking for. If you are using one of your free tries then there is a limit to how many tabs you may explore before your free try is up. But, you may simply try again the next day when the free tries are reactivated for you.

Rank Signals:

This is a tool you may use to monitor your backlinks and to run single checks on your backlinks. It gives you details on a number of elements such as the anchor text, and the soon to be defunct PageRank. It may be used to gain valuable details on numerous SEO elements with its main focus being on backlinks. You may also see your Alexa Rank too, which is similar to the PageRank but it works under different principles and some say that it is easier to manipulate. The interface is quite clean and easy to use, and it is pretty easy to get the hang of if you play around with it for a little while. If you experiment then you will see which details interest you the most and you will be able to focus on them in your future visits and use.

Small SEO Tool Backlink Checker:

As the name suggests, this tool will also give you details on other SEO factors relating to your website or blog. You may see things such as your PageRank and things such as your anchor text. It will also tell you if you have links pointing at your blog or website that are followed and unfollowed. It is not a sophisticated tool and not nearly as good as the Ahrefs tool that is also on this list, but it does beat most backlink checkers on the Internet. The tool is a relatively easy one to use, but the UI is not as sophisticated as all the others. This is not a big problem if you are just looking for metrics and such.

Dig Backlink:

This is not a popular tool, but it is quite handy if you want a look at your backlinks for free. You can sign in with your Facebook account if you wish, and it will allow you to create backlink reports for your blog or website. The interface is very easy to use and is relatively clutter free which gives it a clean feel. It also gives you access to a few SEO factors too such as your MozRank and PageRank. It can also tell you smaller details such as if your backlink has anchor text or if it is attached to an image, video, page element or widget. The tool is very easy to use and get the hang of, so the fact that it is free is just another bonus.

Link Diagnosis:

This is a free tool that you may use to check your backlinks online. You can generate a backlink report or you can optimize it to suit your own needs. You can set it to tell you different elements in more detail and you can exclude certain pieces of information as it suits you. You can use the tool to check your whole site or you can direct it to check just one page. If you are going to use the tool then use it with Mozilla FireFox. This is because there is a Link Diagnosis Extension that you can install. If you visit the site you will see where you may download the extension so that you may use it on your Firefox browser. It does work on other browsers but you do not get the benefit of the extension tool.
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