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Top Five Tips Become Unique Site

Top Five Tips Become Unique Site
Unique site means become professional not like small site. But convert your site with a unique site is not a hard work and today many peoples are choice to starting her site using WordPress, Blogger & hosting in Hostgator or other programs. All are known that the WordPress sites are getting much more popularity in very short period but you need to invest much more money their but in other that is blogger blogs are not getting popularity in very short period but in blogger you no need to invest much more money & you need only purchase a domain. But it is not fact that if you start your blog using WordPress it is getting popularity or you start blog using Blogger not getting popularity this are not the original fact to getting popularity mainly the one reason for blogger or WordPress sites are getting popularity because of Good contents and site SEO. In Bloggers their nothing is optimized you need to designed and optimizing it then the WordPress also not optimized with SEO then you need to adding SEO plugins. In this topic you will getting five killer tips that a site become unique in very short period.
1) Site Theme or Template
A blog you start using WordPress or Blogger their is no means to getting your site professional. Firstly discuss blogger templates then blogger default templates are not fully customized like you need to customize sidebar gadgets, footer section, posting section and header section. In blogger SEO tags are very important then add H1 tag in blogger post title, H3 for headlines, H4 for comments and H2 or H3 or H5 for side bar. Secondly discuss WordPress themes. The WordPress blog themes those are default they are not customized like comment section, post titles, side bar and footer section then you need to add a profession theme like StudioPress WP Themes. Also add some SEO plugins in your site to optimizing your site SEO.
2) Site SEO
The SEO or search engine optimization is the best word for all sites to become unique. Our site already posted an post that “Google SEO Tips”, this topic included the site complete SEO design. Also the WordPress blogs best SEO plugin is “All in one SEO plugin”. Your all post are using some SEO rules to get more benefits then the SEO also working like a traffic generating machine.
3) Contents
The content is very important if you started your blog using Blogger or WordPress its not matter. You need to post some valuable helping topics. The contents is the best way to prompt your site to search engines and also in automatically you can arrange some backlins because if you writing valuable topics then webmaster are adding your topic links in her sites. Also if you searching popular contents then writing related to that contents then you can convert your site to a professional.
4) Images and Logos
In a site need background image, logos, content image and footer images. Then always analyze your images are not copied anywhere and not searching. Our site recommended Photoshop software to creating original and reliable images. Also the background image is best for getting visitor impression and also adding better images to giving better look for your contents.
5) Site Domain or Site Title
The site domain or site title is best for getting good search engine traffic because your title will describe that other searching like your blogger title is Blogging Tips then if some searching about some problem for blogger then our site will come to search engine page. Then also some visitors are like unique titles because of getting good traffic and good impression..
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