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#Why No One Comments On Your Blog And What To Do To Fix

Why No One Comments On Your Blog And What To Do To Fix
What might presumably be the largest horrifying experience of a #blogger? Don't you think it could be silency or peace.  A blogger puts  his/her maximum effort for building up blog and content.  And a blogger expects his article to be read by everyone. Ok at least targeted users!

You might say commenting is in the hand of visitor/user who reads my post. Then you are wrong! In fact commenting on your blog post is in your hands as well. Don't you believe it? So now after reading this post you might.

A #blogger also is expert enough to judge their article whether it's helpful or not from user comments, shares, page views, engagement and much more things. And comment/feedback here stands out to be a bit tough and and important things to be considered. This is because even users and other visitors see blog comments and it might turn your casual visitor into regular visitor.

Again, even by writing original articles you're not receiving comments on your blog post. So it's time to worry now. Isn't it! Commenting on a blog is something which your readers should voluntarily do and what you expect.

A #SEO fact is that when you receive more comments on your post along with readers, even search engines will believe you — and help you to rank higher in Search Engine Result Pages(SERPs)

Now, what makes users to comment on your blog? Of course your excellent content, isn't it? Whatever you are writing must be outstanding indeed. But there are some more things to consider.

In this article, I want to explain some of the reasons why people might not be commenting on your blog. And I'm going to tell you what you can do to fix it.

#Why You're Not Receiving Comments on Your Blog?

Not only you need to write an excellent content but also lots of other things. If it was to do with only excellent content then I'll present you an example here. For instance; if I create a new site and write one of the unique and good content there — do I receive lots of user comments? Obviously not!

Excellent content is only one of the factor to receive more comments on your blog. There are other factors which you need to maintain to receive more comments on your blog like — good blog design, interactive blog post, originality and so on.

People choose to comment on your blog because they want to. You can't force them to do comments directly on your blog but force them indirectly by maintaining things yourself.

Why I don't receive comments in my blog posts? How do you get people to comment on your blog? What tricks, techniques, and methods must you use?

In fact there is no any magic wand to increase your blog comments however some of the tips below might help you to make more comments out of your blog posts.

Are There Enough Visitors On Your Blog?

Commenting is all about promoting/marketing. If you don't have anyone to browse your blog, there won't be anyone to comment about. If I would like to own to have comments on my blog posts, then I actually have to come up with enough traffic by marketing my blog. You can do so in different social media sites. Promote your blog among users and try to gain more visitors on your blog.

Do You Have a Bad Commenting System?

What kind of comment system do you have on your blog? Lazy loading comments and those commenting system where users need to login are actually comment killers.

Also let anonymous users comment on your blog. Doing so helps you to receive more comments on your blog post. Just make sure that whenever user try to comment on your post they won't freight out! They are not going to comment on your blog again if comment disappears or is not published. Fix any barriers and move on.

If you're on blogger follow the steps below to enable anonymous comments:

  1. Go To Blogger Dashboard -> Settings -> Posts and comments
  2. Scroll down to Comments section
  3. In Who can comment? -> Choose Anyone - includes Anonymous Users

Have an easy comment layout:

Blogger Comment Layout

No Targeted Audience??

If your blog doesn't get targeted audience then your blog post's comment will be automatically reduced. Sometimes you may even get visitor on your blog post who is not concerned or not related or with your blog post topic.

If your post gets a visitor who is interested in some other topic, he/she is not willing to comment on your post. So there is very little chance for you to receive comments from those visitors.

Make sure maximum of your blog post visitors are related with your blogging topic and they know about your content.

Do You Have Captcha Enabled On Your Comment?

Captcha means word verification. I personally hate Captcha although it is a great spam protector. If I want to comment on any blog and suddenly if Captcha word verification comes then I will discard my comments.

If I am really interested then I will try to understand those numbers, blur words and comment on the post but if I failed to make it right Captcha words then I will leave to comment on that post.

I know you don't want spam comments on your blog but if you want to increase your comments rate you'll have to turn off Captcha on your comment. You can enable comment moderation feature and choose not to show links in comments.

Along with the development of technology — spamming things is increasing. But in the same way — such spam protector has also become stronger. I'm talking about the Captcha. Recently Google has introduced the new "No CAPTCHA reCAPTCHA" system which is easier to use and a great spam protector too.

Google's new Captcha is very easy to use and on websites using this API key a significant number of users will be able to securely and easily verify they're human without actually having to solve a CAPTCHA. Instead, with just a single click, they'll confirm they are not a robot.

Google Captcha

If you're in blogger follow the following steps to disable Captcha on your comments:

  1. Go To Blogger Dashboard -> Settings -> Posts and comments
  2. Scroll down to Comments section
  3. In Show word verification Select  "No"
    All Done!

Sharing Matters

I found that, people are more likely to comment on those blog post that are most shared on social media site. Users will trust you and thus feel free to comment on your blog post. So when your blog post goes viral on social media sites — comments on your blog post will rise.

Build Friendly Relationships With Users And Commentators

Actually commentators on your blog are your care takers. So try to build friendly relationship with them so that whenever you publish a new post they will be there to help you can comment on your blog posts.

Are You Writing Interactive Posts?

Don't write posts/articles for search engines. Use "You" and "I" while writing posts. You are writing your posts for users and not for search engines. Don't do keyword stuffing. Write user friendly posts and search engines will automatically index them.

Write Something Really Compelling

Your readers would like to get motivated or challenged. When your readers read your blog post, they should learn something from your content.

If you'll write in a challenging way, they'll be moved to leave a comment as well. Read your post before publishing them. Make good formatting. Split your post into headings, bullets and paragraphs. Check lot of things like spelling mistakes, words, sentence structure, etc.

Ask Questions In The End Of Your Blog Post

This actually works! This is somewhat like asking readers to share their ideas and experience in comments. This encourages the readers to give their own opinion on the particular topic. This will also generate a new conversation and more people will join you in comments.

Do You Have Poor Site Design?

I'm sorry, but if you're having poor site design — you'll receive fewer comments. I know, it sounds cold and heartless, but design really matters to a potential commenter.

My blog is designed to support interaction. Without even reading an entire article, a user can directly click through to the comments:


Have a good blog design and it'll help you out in every ways.

Labnol, for example, does a poor job of encouraging comment interaction with no-show comment stream:

Labnol Comments

In this case, only die-hard fan of your blog will comment and the chance of getting comments from other potential visitor is pretty less.

Yes this kind of layout helps to increase your page loading speed however it ultimately impacts your comment numbers.

Don't worry with page loading speed — but try to show comments. But if you're really worried about your page loading speed — you can show only some comments by default and use Google Plus comments — like function used by in the picture below to load more comments.

Templateism Comment System

Offer Something Unique And Original Idea

Last but not the least, you should offer some original and unique idea in your blog content and thus readers will be impressed and motivated by you and your content and try to comment on your blog post to support you.

Final Words

Finally be positive to your blog readers. In addition, reply your blog commentators to increase your blog comments. If you reply your blog commentators — your blog post comments will increase in two ways.

The same commentator will also comment on your next posts. And seeing the conversational type of comments on your post — other commentators will also join you.

So what are your thoughts on the above topic? Have you ever tried above things to get comment? Share your thoughts on the comments below.

Keep Blogging And Happy Blogging! Peace, Blessings And Happiness :)
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