Saturday, 16 May 2015

Find Out How I Make Money Taking Pictures With My Phone

Find Out How I Make Money Taking Pictures With My Phone
My phone is my life. So you know I always have it with me. And whenever something happens I want to take a picture of it. My food, my cat, my boyfriend, my drinks—all of it winds up on my phone.
Basically, if I’m doing it, there’s a picture of it. It’s almost like if there isn’t a picture you wonder if it even happened. Everyone can see what I’m doing: they just have to open up Instagram or Facebook or Twitter. And that’s how this all started.
It was maybe six weeks ago that someone messaged me about one of my photos that he saw online. It was an advertiser. And what he wanted was insane.
He wanted to pay me for some of the pictures I had taken of my friend Julie walking her dog in LA.
It all seemed so random, I wasn’t sure what to say. “I guess?” I wrote back. “What for?” He told me that the newest business model for publishers online is to use photos that real people take instead of the stuff professional photographers do. You know how you completely ignore banner ads on websites? That’s because the slick, manufactured style of professional advertising photography has completely misses the point. Nobody clicks on those ads. That’s a fact: those slick banner ads only get clicked on 0.001% of the times they appear on a site. Sad.
I didn’t get that much for my pictures. It was just under fifty bucks, the cost of a couple of drinks, right? But what did happen is that I found out about Get Paid 4 Pics.
Get Paid 4 Pics is how you can find out how and where you can sell all the boring, ordinary pictures you take that totaled up can earn you a nice
It’s a huge new economy and anyone who loves taking pictures for fun can make money off of it. Get Paid 4 Pics shows you what kind of pictures make the most money, hooks you up with places to sell them. You learn how not to make photo mistakes, and how to know what your photos are really worth. Don’t sell yourself short. Even your worst photos can be worth a lot of money, maybe even more than what you think is a really good one.
Now that I’m set up, I’m getting paid every day for pictures I take. Since each picture can make as much as $25, and each of your pictures can be sold over and over again, I’m totally profiting from this. I basically wake up each morning and find more money in my account since I went to bed. Awesome!
Between all the pictures I have—the sunsets, cold drinks, friends, even my Dad sitting on the couch watching TV—I’ve made enough to buy a new phone with an even better camera. Let’s just consider it a business expense.
You should totally try Get Paid 4 Pics too.
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