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How to Add Alexa Rank Checker Widget to Blogger

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Alexa is a traffic data and global ranking provider. It provides the ranking data for millions of websites. Alexa collects traffic data on daily basis from millions of websites using Alexa toolbar and other sources. In simple terms, Alexa ranks a website on the basis of its traffic, compared with all other websites on the internet. According to Alexa website, it provides traffic data, global ranking and other information on 30 million websites and as of 2015, is visited by over 6.5 million people monthly. If you want to add an Alexa Rank Check widget to your website. Don't worry, it's just simple, in this tutorial, we're going to share that How to Add Alexa Rank Checker Widget to your website.

How to Add Alexa Rank Checker to Blogger

First and foremost, log in to your Blogger Account >> Select a Blog >> Layout >> Add a Gadget, scroll down and select HTML/JavaScript gadget from the list of gadgets. Now Copy the following piece of code and paste it in the empty widget box.

<form method="get" action="" target="_blank">
<input name="url" maxlength="255" size="35" type="url" placeholder="Enter an URL..."/>
<input value="Check Alexa Rank" type="submit"/>

Click Save button
And that's it! 

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