Tuesday, 19 May 2015

How to Create A Landing Page In WordPress

The more you play with WordPress and dare to venture past the obvious features it offers, the more you will discover how flexible and full of useful functionality it is.
In this brief tutorial we will be taking a look at how you can use the power of WordPress to manipulate output on a page by creating your own special page template which could potentially be used for landing or sales pages.
For example, you might want a specially formatted page which will serve as your landing page where you want to remove sidebars, headers and other distractions.
This tutorial expands upon the concepts which were introduced in another post we made regarding page templates and introduces a few more useful tricks you can use when developing themes or plugins.
Before we start, it’s best to explain what we will try to do.
After we finish this little exercise we will convert a typical WP page into a more sales-friendly and less cluttered format as shown in the before and after images below:

Landing Page Before

landing page before

Landing Page After

landing page after
To achieve the above outcome, we will leverage the power and flexibility of WP to create our own unique way of displaying a page.
Also, an important thing worth mentioning is that we will not be hacking any theme files and as a result this will make our lives a lot easier when updating the theme version in the future.
Useful Tip: When designing our child theme and custom page template we used FireBug for the CSS investigations to determine which components needed modifications and which existing elements we wanted to remove.
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