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How To Make Money With Web Design and Development

The Money is in your list - This is the most popular quote which is said by bloggers, email and affiliate marketers and also by entrepreneurs. If you've a good number of email subscription list then you can easily make money with it and here in this post, I'm going to share some pretty useful ways to generate more revenue with your email subscribers list.

You might already know that Email System is being used widely on the internet and it is growing day by day. It is one of the common thing which is being used on almost every computer which has internet connection. Along with this, you might have seen that every blogger and web master provides the subscription form by which people can subscribe to the site by email and can receive the hot updates directly in the inbox. Well, you can be the one of those webmasters who run a blog or site and have a decent number of email subscribers and usually read each and every email which you send them. If you've all these, then you know, you can make a lot of money through your email list and it is really easy. A person just needs to build a email list. The more subscribers you have, the more money you can generate. In the beginning, you may not get the good response but after some days, you'll surely get good result. But remember one thing, you should have great number of subscribers and they must read your emails what you send them. Below, I'm going to share most popular ways to make money with email subscribers list.

 1. Develop and Sell Products

Do you have expertise in developing the most useful products like Apps and Themes? Then this section can be helpful for you. First of all, develop any amazing product which must be liked by your subscribers. Then send them an email regarding to your new product. Make the email look like fancy by customizing it. Write and Explain the importance and features of your product as more as you can. In simple words, make your email like that your readers or subscribers should love it and buy it from you. You can sell that product to people as more as you can and for this it requires the good number of email list. Even you can tell your subscribers about your developing skills and they could hire you personally to develop any brand.

2. Recommend Products That You're Using

Are you using any paid or free products that can should be awesome with great features and also can help your subscribers then recommend them those products which you're using. Once again, you need to create the attractive email which should be lovely in look and attract the subscribers mind to buy the product. Here you can send them the affiliate link of that product as a download or buy link and it must important that product that you're sharing must have the affiliate system. So, when the recommending product email is ready then send them all but don't forget to insert the affiliate link as buy link or button. Now, if someone purchase that item through your link then you'll get the commission of it from the seller of that product.

3.  Sell an Ad Space In Your Newsletter

So, you update your brand regularly and you also send the updates about them to your email subscribers then this method can work for you. Customize the newsletter email and insert the ad space unit there like banner [Advertise Here]. Before that, you've to create a page in your brand about the ad space banner in the newsletter email. Create the descriptive page that how many subscribers you have, do they get updates regularly, how much the banner will cost for one month, how it can be helpful for the advertiser and more as you can. Then, you've to create the ad space in newsletter email and also add link on it to the page that you've created so that your readers also get known and they could also advertise there. Simply, After some days, you will start receiving the sales that someone wants to purchase that ad slot in newsletter.

4. Send Paid Emails To Your Subscribers

If possible, you can send the paid emails to your email subscribers and can earn good amount from it. Make an announcement on your blog that if someone wants to promote his/her brand then he/she can send the custom paid email to your email subscribers. That email should contain the relevant tool, product, site or blog to your niche in which your subscribers should be interested. Don't send the irrelevant paid emails that are not liked by your subscribers because after that they can unsubscribe you. Here you've to ask the brand owner for a good and reasonable price for that one email. Don't send a lot of paid emails because your readers can be irritated and you should take care of them instead of annoying them. I recommend to send only one paid email in a week that is a better choice.

5. Monetize "Thank You" Redirecting Page

Most of the webmasters, bloggers and custom site owners usually redirect their new readers to a thank you page after completing the subscription. That thank you page consists of that what the new readers will receive in the upcoming emails and more detail is listed there. Here is the idea to monetize that thank you page by which you can make money from your every new subscriber. First one is the simple, which is showing the advertisement on your thank you page and that advertisement should pay you for the impressions because mostly, no one click on that ad and "Paid Per Click" network can be worst here. After that, here is the second method. In this method, you can write something about the affiliate products and suggest your new readers to buy that. Tell them a real story behind that product that should be happened with you in previous and this can get you more sales. Make sure to put the affiliate link on "Buy or Download" button that is the main thing and you'll get the commission of that sale which is done through your affiliate link.

Start Monetizing Your Email List Today!

So friends, these were some awesome ideas to "Find Out Money From Your List". If you've great number of list which should be at least 100,00 then you should starting monetizing your email list from today because you're missing a great opportunity. If you know some more methods for this, then please do share with us in comments and also share your views about this in comment. Share this post with your friends and take a lot of care. Happy Email List Monetizing!
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