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How To Steal Your Competitors Traffic For Your New Blog

Stealing something form others doesn’t sounds good, Here we are going to do that. Actually we are not going to do any illegal activities, we just analyse our competitors site and make bucks from that. This tips ids specially for low traffic blogs. Here the traffic means the “Traffic from Google” not from crappy social media( we must say that).

How To Steal Your Competitors Traffic To Make More Money

Quick Overview

How to find your best competitors?
How to steal Keywords from competitors?
Analyzing landing pages of Keywords
Rebuild a post for Search engine as well as Human

What we are going to do?

Stealing traffic from Competitors means Stealing Keywords from them. The best and suitable keywords for your site can be find out from there. This process is not actually illegal or unethical, because none of the keywords are not copyrighted to anyone.

How to find your best competitors?

Who is your actual competitor?
Funny question, right? Finding a best competitor is not tough job. Anyway let me explain something,
For example one day I decided Wikipedia as my competitor and worked for rank my site over it. Is it a right decision?
Absolutely No… So before deciding ( or finding) your competitor(s) , you have to check the height of the hill and some quality factors too. Follow the given steps….

  • Find a list of blogs in your niche from Blog directories, Google Search results, Facebook groups etc ( If you have already done this, no problem)
  • Check the PR of all sites using a Bulk PR checker and remove the sites having PR higher than your site.
  • Check DA of all sites and remove the sites having very high DA than you, for example if you had 20 DA then 25 and 15 DA site can be included in your list and Sites having more than 30 DA can be excluded.
  • Now You have perfect list of your Competitors

 How to steal Keywords from competitors?

Now our trick begins….. Here I am going to explain two tools ( paid and free) for extracting best keywords from our competitor site. Let me explain one by one

SEMrush (Paid Tool)

This is the  best SEO tool I ever found. SEMrush is a premium tool that can be use for almost all SEO works. You are lucky today, because you will get a full SEMrush tool free Trial for 14 days from this link. Grab the offer before it ends. The new tool for Search Engine Marketing. US database 40 000 000 keywords. Learn everything about your competitors!

Now coming to our topic, You just ligin to your SEMrush account and search your competitors one by one. Here I took as test site ( sorry Harsh Agrawal )
This is the SEMrush report of SML

This report shows Keywords, Keyword Position, Search Volume and CPC of every keywords of SML. Click the “Full Report” for all keywords. You can grab US, UK, Germany, France, Australia and 21 more country specific keywords. Grab SEMrush now without paying even a penny. The new tool for Search Engine Marketing. US database 40 000 000 keywords. Learn everything about your competitors!

MetricsKey (Free Tool) is a free competitor analyzing tool. You can just put your competitor URL there and get the results. Being a free tool it is not accurate SEMrush. Anyway it worth your efforts.
MatricsKey report of SML

Now you have a wonderful list of Keywords that you are going to rank. You had all ranking factors similar to your competitors like DA, PR etc. So you can easily rank these keywords with a little On page and Off page SEO.
Analyzing landing pages of Keywords
These step is so simple, you just want to analyze those landing pages of found out keywords. Check on page Word count, Other keyword existence and all other On page SEO factors.
Now you also need to check the Off page SEO status of that page using Ahrefs and MajesticSeo
Rebuild a post for Search engine as well as Human
Now you can compile a post on your Keyword. You must take care of On page and Off page SEO and be sure your post SEO can dominate over your competitor’s post.
Try to get some some social signals too, specially Google+ shares. I have a trick to enhance your Google+ shares. I will share it soon in another post.

Last Words

What to say??
Everything has explained above. Anyway try this trick. It definitely worth your effort. If you spend a two hour once for this, you will get profitable keywords to write over 2 or three months. Thanks for reading this post, Comment your opinions and share to your friends….
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