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Off-Page SEO: 10 Best Strategies to Get Ranked in Google


Off-Page SEO Strategies:

Off-Page SEO Strategies may be found every where that will help you to Get Ranked in Google, yahoo, bing but also Provide High reputation and Authority to your Website. Here in this Section You will find info about Top 10 Offpage SEO strategies that you might have read in other search engines, but here you will find more information about tips for off-page SEO, so that you might get ranked for all search engines easily, Also these strategies work for both bloggers as well as wordpress platforms.
If you found any SEO strategy, Don’t use it on your Site unless you have confirmed it from many sites.
As as an SEO researcher, I will suggest you top 10 most important Off-page SEO techniques that are most common but unlikely very less use, People only search these off-page SEO techniques but not apply or use them for their websites and blogs. I have made a list of top 10 SEO techniques that helpful for off-page and you will surely get ranked for Google and other search engines.
You have to perform these techniques after using On-page SEO, otherwise you may suffer from a huge loss in your Website ranking.

1- Create accounts in Social Networking Sites

Making accounts in social networking sites are very common strategy, but rarely performed by bloggers, So i have opt it at first position. This strategy is very easy, but due to time consuming, it is rarely adopted by bloggers, so they are mostly unable to rank in search engines.

You have to create accounts in social networking sites, because most of the social networking sites are famous for offering one quality backlink to your website or blog. You can create an account on different social networking sites, like Facebook, Orkut, Skype, etc., After creating account you have to share your blog content in these social websites, so that your network may be extended online. Add people on these websites and share your posts daily. Some social websites also provide Dofollow quality backlink, that may increase your Backlinks. You should use this social sharing on regular basis.

3- Blog Marketing:

Blog marketing Blog commenting strategy is commonly adopted by many less professionals that even dont known how to comment, where to comment and when to comment. These all factors matter lot more in Off-Page SEO, and you must be very conscious in blog commenting, because of Google Panda and Penguin updates.
Yes, This is the best method for Offpage SEO, but most poorly adopted by bloggers.
If you are creating blog for your own website then this is good and perfect. Your every website must have a blog where you can update users about new promotions and updates. But if you are writing for other blogs then be specific and careful in writing for those blogs, also you must have a look at authority of those blogs eother they have high authority or poor authority. If these are high PR and authority blogs then this is good and you can also build one or two backlinks for your posts, that will help to give authority to your website.

4- Social Bookmarking:

Social Bookmarking is another technique for Off-page SEO optimization, but due to spammers who are trying to spam them without any consideration about them, they are trying to virally share their posts to social sites, This is not fair.
Social Bookmarking sites are for sharing content, not for viral sharing.
You have to make little bit work on social bookmarking, and not spending whole day in this work. Because these sites will not affect more on your SEO, but if you virally use them then may be these sites block you from posting content. You can use these social bookmarking sites StumbleUpon, Digg, Delicious, etc.

5- Exchange Links With Other Sites:

Most of websites offer free link exchange. This is also most favorable strategy if used properly, but while exchanging links with other sites, you must see domain age and authority, because sometime you may link to poor authority webtes, or spam sites, it may affect authority of your website. This is white-Hat SEO but if used improperly it may cause Black-Hats SEO and affect your site pagerank.

6- Postings to different Forums:

You must make an online forum page or sub-domain in your website, it will help people to share their idear and suggestions.If you are posting for other forums then again you must confirm their pagerank and authority, if theirh pagerank is enough then you must create account to these forums. Most of the forums offer one Dofollow backlink in users profile.
7- Photo Sharing
Yif your website is using Photos and images then you must use photo sharing sites to promote your website content, because about 10% visitors come from top photo sharing sites. You can use Imgur, Flickr, and Picasa, for sharing photos of your website.
8- Reviews Sites
There are many business reviews websites available in Google, that you can search and then write reviews about your website. It will help to increase website authority and backlinks
9- Submission of Articles
Article submission websites are those sites that offer you to write content for them and in return they will give you one high authority backlink. You can use Ezine articles, Go Articles, and Buzzle, for writing articles.
10- Websites to Answer the Questions:
There are hundreds of websites that offer you to answer about questions in a professional way. This is enough for Today, Yet it is lazy method but powerful strategy to build backlinks and Off-page SEO to get ranked in Google. You can Yahoo Answers,, for this purpose.
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