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On-Page SEO Tips and Tricks for 2015


On-Page SEO Tips and Tricks:

There are lot of On-Page SEO Tips and Tricks for 2015 for Bloggers & WordPress users, but only few of them are applicable and working. You will learn about Top 10 On-Page SEO Tips that are working for Every blogger wither new or professional.

1. Optimize Keywords for Your Website:

You have to optimize website posts, pages with keywords. Don’t make keyword stuffing, because now it is not working due to Google algorithm updates. Make Keywords in variation, Because now ranking for only one keyword is not applicable. Your Main keyword should appear in following website parts:
  • Page title of website
  • Heading of pages and Posts
  • Add keyword in image alt text
  • Throughout the posts and pages body.
Just Remember Your posts and pages should meet criteria for human reading, they should not be written for bots, or search engines. Because websites are developed for humans not search engines.

2. Make Variations in Keywords:

Due to Google New Updates no one searches for same keyword every time, So your keyword should come with variation in each post and pages. If you are using any keyword tool, it may show you keyworOn-Page SEO Tips and Tricks 2015 1d with little bi variation like as “SEO tip and trick 2015″ as singular form and SEO tips and tricks 2015″ in plural form. This is not a difference, but just same form of one keyword. You must add variety of keywords. Here is an example of “On-page SEO” Keywords. on page seo techniques”, On-page SEO, SEO, tips for On-page SEO, On-page SEO tips, On-page Optimization,  etc. You can add variety of keywords in your posts and Pages. Just remember that minimum keyword percentage should be 2-3%, because more than 2-3% keyword will lead to keyword stuffing. You can search variety of keywords using Google Keywords Tool.

3. Make Descriptive and Short URL:

URL optimization is also major factor in on-page optimization. If your URL is Good, you will surely Get ranked for Google, and if your URL is ugly and not SEO friendly then it may lead to failure of your search engine ranking. URL is used for Pagerank of a website. So try to make clean URL. Here is an example of Clean and categorized URL. SEO Tips and Tricks 2015 2
1- Main URL
2- Category URL
3- Post URL
Keep your URL Short and descriptive, that will show complete data about post.

4. Pages and Posts Titles Optimization:

Pages and posts titles are used by search engines for showing results and very important in On-page SEO tricks 2015. You can also see post title at the top of browser your are using. Title tag will show complete description of your posts and pages. So always make title relevant to posts. Title length is also important for Search engine ranking. Try to make title length between 50-60 characters. Remember one thing ” You should add keywords in posts title to get ranked for search engines.

5. Use Headings in Posts and Pages:

Heading are also one of the main factor that clearly describes content in your website. So, addition of headings is important for On-page SEO. If you are using wordpress, it will add <H1>, <H2>, <H3> and <H4> tags if you add headings within the pages or posts.
Avoid Following things in while using Heading tags:
  • Do not use generic terms: For example “Products” or “Home”
  • Do not use important information in Headings to show it as an image.
You can make a visit to off-page SEO tips to learn more about Search engine optimization

6. Make Internal Links:

You should add some internal links to connect each post and page, because it is main factor to optimize On-page tips. Try to correlate posts with each other. It will increase visitors interest, time on site, and Pages viewed by each visitor. Google Loves natural, and high quality internal links for making pagerank of websites.

7. Optimize Image Alt Text:

Image optimization is also very important for on-page SEO Techniques. You should add alt text attributes in all images that you add in your posts and pages. Your Focus keyword should be added in image alt text.

8. Increase Site Speed

Page speed matters much more for a website pagerank. Site speed will increase user experience about your website and user will love to visit website every time. Users hate for loading of website for a long time, So they always try to visit fast loading websites. Here are few places where you can visit to speed up your website:
  • Try to host your website at dedicated servers, if you can not afford dedicated servers, then try to get shared or VPS hosting from best hosting sites.On-Page SEO Tips and Tricks 2015 Google Pagespeed Test
  • You should check your website speed using Google Page speed Test.
  • Following things may slow down your website speed:
  • Added videos as well as other media
  • Adding more images in posts
  • Images that are not compressed, or not given dimensions
  • Improper coding of website
  • use of unnecessary plugins
You should Try to:
  • use appropriate images and videos in each post.
  • Improve coding of your website
  • Do not use unnecessary plugins
  • Compress images and give dimensions to each image.
8- Outbound Links: 
Outbound are those links which are used in posts to link to other websites. Outbound links help to get ranked for Google, because if you provide link to high authority websites, it will not only increase your page authority but also increase response rate if someone gets exact information from reference website. So try to add some links to other websites. and try to give links to high authority websites.

10. Make Mobile Friendly Website:

This is time of mobile and internet. Approx 40% users were using mobiles for internet use, but according to an estimate it will increase upto 60% in 2015. You must make your website Mobile friendly, so that every mobile user can easily approach your website at mobile.
These were Top 10 On-page SEO tips and tricks for 2015, You can use them on your website to get ranked for Google and other Search engines.
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