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Secret Tip for making your YouTube Video Popular

YouTube San Bruno, California, United States office in a video-sharing website. Service in November 2006 by three former PayPal employees in February 2005 was created, it was bought by Google for $ 1.65 billion. YouTube now supports Google as one of the works. Site users upload, and allows video to share, and it is user-generated, and the corporate media to display a wide variety of video WebM, H.264, and uses Adobe Flash Video technology. Available content video clips, TV clips, music videos and content such as video blogging and short original videos, and educational videos. YouTube still bloggers are not all focus on areas where a. It's just not for getting traffic to your site, but if you make good video, it is a lot of potential earnings.

How much can you expect YouTube video?

It obviously depends on the number of views. Well, then there is the idea and the non-monetized views are monetized, but I also consider video around 1000, if you can get around $ 5 can say that . I have tested different niches and almost all results are a product of the same type. One of my video performance under a screen and video around 750 ideas have been around $ 4, you can see that.

If you have a decent income for their video to get more traffic and want to make it clear to your video in YouTube search results on the first page should be ranked.

In this article I get a YouTube video on the first page of search results to follow is going to show.

YouTube video of a keyword to find useful?

The first thing is to find a profitable keyword. Go to the Google keyword tool and that is at least 2000 monthly searches, the search for a word. It's a word with words or short tail is almost impossible as research gets a good number, that try to get a long tail keyword.

I presented you with two examples - & 'online data entry job, "" How to make a website ".

"How to build a website" which is the first of a Google keyword tool 27100 has a monthly search. The other an "online data entry job," "9900" has a monthly search. Both have received more than 2,000 monthly searches are both in good form. It got more of the monthly search numbers obviously feeling as to the first keyword. But you have to search for a number of Youtube search, these words have been found at this point, that results.

Check for the number of results in Youtube

If you use the keyword number of results, check "to create a website" 7890000 results and keyword 'online data entry Jobs' 48400 results. The first keyword search found more number of monthly, but even so, it it very difficult for video sequences with such expressions as this is not a good idea to go with. In my opinion is a keyword for us to make a video that can least 50,000 thousand have achieved results.

With high monthly search a keyword in Youtube few results have been achieved, even if you make a video need to follow before, one other thing that is there.

Top of the number of video views Czech results

When you search for the number of results in Youtube, are also getting top video, check that the number of views. Video 3000 views per month is around, that's a good one keyword means. This keyword search in Google keyword tool has good numbers, too, like 500 views per month, which is less than if it is a keyword search in the Google search engine, but are not as that is not a good option to go with YouTube.
Keyword 'online data entry Jobs' Czech, Top video received 60,000 views and 5000 views per month and it has been around means that he deployed around a year back was done.

Just Weekly, keyword selection process, giving me the following steps.
According to Google keyword tool keyword should be more than 2000 monthly search.
Keyword must be less than 50000 results in Youtube.
We search in YouTube, the top video, per month of 3000 should be considered.
If you follow the above steps, you should get good word. But YouTube video making and using these words in the first page of the order. Me about the quality of video and audio, but also video sequences need to look into, will not talk about other factors. You make direct video and upload it in YouTube, I was ranked in the first page of YouTube, if it will just think your luck. Below that is giving good results are the steps I follow.

Top Video length Check

Youtube you a good keyword in the search the first page again check the video length. Keyword 'online data entry Jobs "12 minutes to 4 minutes length of the first page of results to show different video view. So if you make a video more than 12 minutes, is ranked in the first page of your video There is a good chance that.

Check for closed caption

The first page of the video is no closed captions and you make a video with closed captions, you get your video on the first page is a very good chance. See results for your keyword "online data entry Jobs' rating is only one stop, but that only video around 3 or 4 minutes long. In length and with closed captions even if more than 12 minutes to create a video with you on the first page of your video ranking is a very good chance.

Stop you for rating video on everything that can not spend much time in writing, if you can go to Fiverr voice and video, which can be written down There are a lot of service use, and use it to close caption.

Tags header, create and add details

Title: always use your keyword in the title. It can be considered as spam as a keyword in the title several times not to repeat. Instead, you can search in Google keyword tool, and you use a more relevant keyword in the title can.

Description: write a good description. The first two lines to include your keyword in the description. Youtube you can check for any keyword search results, you shows the first two lines of description and keywords is in the first two lines, it will be highlighted, will see that. In this way it will be seen to capture the attention of viewers and video, that is a very good chance.

Tags: Tags for your video are like words. Google keyword tool for related keyword search and add the Tags section.

If you follow the above steps you can get the word and YouTube search results should be ranked in the first page of that video should be making. Your video is still getting on the first page, if not for your video, try to get some backlinks.

Backlinks: you follow the steps above, you did not get your video on the first page, just follow these steps. Fiverr and for your video to get some backlinks. There's a very high PR site, which is the number of backlinks well fiverr 'and you can use for your video.

If you repeat the above method and create different video Finally, if you YouTube on a fixed income should be able to see.
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