Monday, 1 June 2015

There are Just Some Places That Google Won’t Let You See

Its feels awesome when we take poke around Google maps and look at the street view. You may be checking your Uncle’s house or your own city or the house or elite class, its pretty cool to take a peek at different places. Google allows you to visit world.
Unless that place is the White House. Or the entire northern half of Pakistan. Or certain sensitive sights scattered around the world (looking at you, Ramstein Air Base). Then Google’s going to have some bad news for you…access denied.
Take a look at these other sites that may or may not make any sense for being designated as off-limits to internet map snoopers.

7. No pictures please

There are a host of other places that are just randomly blurred, like parts of Tibet and the entire country of Iran. The city of Bahrain was blurred reportedly so the poor people wouldn’t see how fancy the rich people’s houses are, while one entire village in Guam is just missing from Google. It certainly makes you wonder…

6. White Plains Train Station:

White Plains Train Station
When I think of secret train stations, I’m thinking of the Hogwarts Express. Instead, this train station is simply designated as a no-overhead-images site by Google. Considering it’s Mark Zuckerberg’s hometown, I’m betting there’s some incriminating pranking on the roof that he doesn’t want anyone to see.

5. Stony Brook University

Stony Brook University
Whenever I hear of Stony Brook University in New York, my mind accidentally likens it to that quaint old book, Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm. Who could possibly not want to see Google images of THAT? As it turns out, the sweet little school where Rebecca might have matriculated actually houses the Brookhaven National Laboratory…so no peeking!

4. MIT Lincoln Laboratory

MIT Lincoln Laboratory
They’re making some pretty top-secret stuff at MIT’s Lincoln Laboratory, much of it funded by federal dollars. So this is where that $6 million screwdriver came from.

3. North Oaks neighborhood is off limits

North Oaks neighborhood is off limits
It’s not just a house that is off-limits, this entire neighborhood championed to get their houses off of Google’s interactive street map, again, citing the private roads issue.

2. The Royal Stables

The Royal Stables
This one might not seem like a highly sensitive location, but as the Dutch royal family and members of the royal house still actually run the show in the Netherlands, they’re pretty important people. The Royal Stables might have started out as the place where the horses grab a snack and take a nap, but it’s actually now charged with all transportation needs for the ruling family. Therefore… keep out, even through your computer screen.

1. The White House

The White House
It seems like a no-brainer that you wouldn’t want to hand satellite or street view images of the President’s house to random internet users, but I think there’s something even more sinister at work here. The White House has a team of gardeners to make it look presentable at all times. MY house is visible just to shame me into cutting the grass more often.
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