Wednesday, 12 July 2017

#10 Millions of Credit Cards stolen in 15 Million of Population South Korea | #tips4tricx

#Millions of Credit Cards stolen in South Korea | #tips4tricx
#Millions of Credit Cards stolen in South Korea | #tips4tricx
Since all threats to data security and privacy often come from outside, but internal threats are comparatively more dangerous and a difficult new dimension to the data loss prevention challenge i.e. #Data Breach. The "Insider threats" have the potential to cause greater financial losses than attacks that originate outside the company.

This is what happened recently with three #credit card firms in South Korea, where the financial and personal data belonging to users of at least 20 million, in a country of 50 million, was stolen by an employee, who worked as a temporary consultant at #Korean Credit Bureau (KCB).

Confidential data of customers ranging from the minister-level officials to celebrities, including their phone numbers, addresses, credit card numbers, and even some banking records, have been leaked from Kookmin Bank, Shinhan Bank and several other commercial banks

The stolen data includes the bank account numbers, customers' names, social security numbers, phone numbers, credit card numbers and expiration dates, according to the estimate by the #Financial Supervisory Service (FSS).

The arrested employee behind the theft, later sold the data to #phone marketing companies, whose managers were also arrested earlier this month.
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