Friday, 29 September 2017

The regular start of horrific war "North Korea prepared to prepare White House parasites

Peng Yang (INP) posters have been dispatched to US regarding various tensions with North America in different cities of North Korea, which gave clear emphasis on the decisive war between America and the US House of Representatives - White House. 

According to foreign media reports, on the posters it is written that the war on North Korea has been imposed and prepares to defeat the enemy's teeth.
The regular start of horrific war "North Korea prepared to prepare White House parasites

 The North Korean government posters show their people burning and throwing them down in the well. The posters placed in various Korean cities are clearly written in the US that there is a great and decisive battle from the US. The missiles on White House will rain. 

Posters have also seen the scenes of American aggression and American aggression during the 1950s in the war. On the other hand, China has implemented UN resolutions, giving North Korean companies the ultimate metaphor to close their business in 120 days. 

According to the Chinese news agency, according to the Chinese Ministry of Commerce's statement, China took steps to keep the United Nations sanctions on the implementation of sixth nuclear nuclear experiments According to the Commerce, trade was jointly conducted with Chinese companies Li Northern Korean companies have been terminated for January to seize their business.

 It is believed that China has also announced that it will also limit export of refined petroleum to North Korea from October 1, while textile products The sanctions will be imposed. The UN Security Council unanimously agreed to impose new sanctions against North Korea.
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