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what is reddit karma Get reddit instant karma

In this post i'll answer about these questions.
what is reddit karma Get reddit instant karma

what is reddit karma Get reddit instant karma

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Let Start:

What is Reddit

Reddit is a Content Sharing website with Worldwide Alexa rank of 7th and rank in United States is 5th with total backlinks of 465566.
Where people share content around the globe and if they like the content they up vote else they may down vote the content.

What People do on Reddit

As reddit is content sharing website where people share their content from around the globe, which people up vote or down vote according to their interest.
all this content is shared in different communities which are known as sub reddits on reddit.
there are thousands of subreddits and still counting.
most popular subreddits are

Karma are basically the numbers of up votes or down votes which your content gets.
you can better understand this as the number of post likes you receive on your facebook photo or post.
these number of likes or up votes are added into your reddit account and collectively known as Reddit Karma.

how do you get karma on reddit

Getting karma on reddit is as easy as you comment on your girl friends new photo or post.
if she likes your comment she likes/love it. here on reddit when you comment on a post people like it or dislike it. if they like your comment it is added under you Comment/Link Karma  section.
Comment Karma is also known as Link Karma.
If you post something on reddit or share your content on reddit. if this is upvoted then it's added under your Post Karma section.

you can better understand with the practical of getting  reddit instant karma by this video tutorial.

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