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Hi readers! This is Abid Aziz from Mailsi, Punjab, Pakistan. I was born on November 25, 1996. I like to blogging. In fact, I love to watch movies and I read huge blog site to keep with the phase of latest tips and tricks.

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Though I am from Engineering student but have a great passion about technology and blogging. I am completing Software Engineering but I learn blogging through researching various online developing resources. Still I am learningcoding and graphic designs. but I want to make creative content as a result registered Tips4Tricx In 5th December 2014.So, I always look for online tutorials. This is the rising time for Tips4Tricx So I believe that I have to work hard, my audience is my spirit to take my site in Professional level.

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Our mission is to provide great contents and tutorials for less experienced Bloggers who are still need quality tips and help. There's no limit on how far we can go in sharing them our knowledge regarding spicing up your blog. Imagination is the only limitation here. We do tutorials step by step so you can easily follow. Tips4Tricx making your blog most astonishing

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Page Rank - 0
Alexa - 4,65,515
Monthly Page views - 30k+
Primary Traffic Source - 85% Organic, 12% Referral, 3% Direct.
Facebook Fans - 189+ (10 February 2015)
Tweeter Fans - 16+(10 February 2015)
Post Frequency - 10+ Post per Month

Advice to Newbies from the Author:I'm not professional to advice you about your blogging career. Because, I was myself not a professional when I started my blogging career. As a matter of 2 years, I've learn enough to advice a little to the newbies looking out for a career opportunity on the Internet.

1) First and foremost is hard work when it comes to Blogging.-"Don't stop when you fall, but get up and run again."

2) Learn from others, socialize, seek help from the much professional people on the Internet.

3) A good blog is immortal - in other words it never dies.

Plans for the future:Tips4Tricx is just the start. The future plans are lot many. Currently, this blog is focusing on quality content with at least 10 Posts a Month. The next level future plan is to make this site much more professional on a different platform and to be self hosted.

The Final Words:Thanks all of you so much for the great support. Without my audience I would have never achieved this height on the Internet. Thanks for looking at my profile. Wish you good luck on the Internet and promise you to provide quality when ever tips4tricx.blogspot.com delivers.

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Abid Aziz